Friday, March 30, 2007

Missed flight

I saw Roger again, a few days ago. He missed his flight. I did my best to remind him of the time, but he had miscalculated how long it would take him ,to get to the airport.

His colleagues, who he was supposed to travel with, had guessed he was up to some tricks, and unfortunately, he got teased and badgered on arrival.

He claims that I have done something to pragmatist Roger, as he had no intention of coming back to the UK sooner, but that has changed.

He made it clear that he did not want the the full goth look (the multiple face-pierced and spikey hard hair gothic girls with white makeup, black nails, lip paint, nose, eyebrow and tongue studs).More the goth/bdsm look.

There was more of the click factor, when we met again. We were grinning at each other like a couple of cheesy cheshire cats. Lots of mind and body stuff.

The endorphins were on the rise for both of us. This caused the time to fly, and warm feelings to rise, like tree sap after a long cold winter.

He sent an email, and mentioned that the old fellow had been like a flagpost every morning!

I feel guilty that he missed his flight, but what is a girl to do?

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Transferable skills

I have heard that most escorts who leave the industry tend to go into the caring professions. There is more information in the exiting article here.

I came across this article about German prostitutes who are moving into care of the elderly.

I like the fact that they can sue clients who will not pay the agreed fee,as prostitution is legal in Germany. ProFrida is an organisation that sounds like it is doing good work.

But her tired blue eyes light up and a disarming smile spreads across her face when she talks about her new line of employment -- as a geriatric care worker thanks to a new EU-funded job retraining programme.

"I have three older gentlemen in my care and we make house calls to shower and dress them. They give me an entirely different kind of respect compared to what I am used to. Now I am paid and I tell the clients what to do," she grinned

Melanie, a 34-year-old mother of two, is one of 74 women taking part in a pilot programme called ProFridA helping sex workers and victims of violence make a fresh start in basic nursing care or sales jobs.

One of the project coordinators, Gisela Zohren, said that although many prostitutes think they do not have viable job skills, they in fact bring a wealth of experience.

"In patient care you need to be good with people, you are often dealing with naked bodies, you tend to people's needs -- it is really the logical next step," said Zohren, 57, herself a former dominatrix and a 20-year veteran of the sex trade.

Although some employers are informed of their new recruits' previous job if they agree to work with ProFridA, their new clients and co-workers are kept in the dark to prevent any come-ons or rude jokes.

Over coffee and cookies at the prostitute help centre Mitternachtsmission (Midnight Mission) in the western city of Dortmund -- a nearly 90-year-old institution -- Melanie and Zohren say the European sex industry has changed for the worse over time.

"The new girls have no taboos," Melanie said, referring to an influx of eastern European prostitutes after the European Union took on 10 new countries in May 2004.

"They brought in kissing -- which was never allowed before -- and French without a rubber (oral sex without a condom), they would even pull clients away and say 'she'll do it for 100 euros (132 dollars) -- I'll do it for 60.'"

She said that with a surge in the supply of hookers combined with steady or declining demand, 30 euros (40 dollars) for sex was not uncommon here in the Ruhr Valley rust belt, often with "extras" thrown in for free.

"There's a so-called honour among prostitutes -- you don't take part in price dumping," Zohren said.

In addition to the falling income of many sex workers, ProFridA is also a dramatic illustration of Germany's rapidly shifting demographics.

Prostitution is legal in Germany and in 2002 sex workers became entitled to state health benefits and gained the right to sue clients in court who refused to pay the agreed price for services rendered.

Yet despite the ostensible improvements in the industry for prostitutes, the job still takes a heavy physical and psychological toll.

"You sell your soul along with your body," Melanie said.

"The paedophiles want you to play the little girl, there are the guys who want to act out rape scenes -- it really cuts to the heart."

Melanie said she knew few call girls who wanted to keep practicing the world's oldest profession.

"There are some who have a passion for it but it's a tiny minority," she said.

Gerlinde Iking of the Mitternachtsmission said most of the women bring with them a host of personal problems from mountains of debt to broken families.

"If no one is there to catch them when they fall, many will quit," she said.

Launched in Germany's most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia last year, ProFridA received 1.1 million euros in funding from the regional government and the European Social Fund.

Chief coordinator Rita Kuehn of the Protestant charity Diakonie Westfalen said the idea had begun by linking up existing institutions working to help women at risk regain control of their lives.

"We created a network with people from the labour market, from job training and with employers and then with the homes for battered women and prostitutes and looked at how we could provide them with optimal support," she said.

"The women are accompanied, advised and coached all the way through," she said, adding that such measures had kept the drop-out rate at zero and were even helping some women start their own businesses.

The programme, which runs over 20 months, provides a clear incentive for women to get out of the sex industry but it does not require them to leave the profession to get help.

"That is a very important point," said Renate Noebe of Madonna, a prostitutes' aid group and member of the ProFridA network based in the heart of the red-light district in nearby Bochum.

As the neon lights out the window flash "Table Dance," Noebe explains that a well-educated, self-confident prostitute with other marketable skills is much more likely to walk away from the trade.

Noebe coordinates the profiling and coaching of the participants to pinpoint their personal strengths, and runs the basic qualification programme that encompasses language training, computer skills and simple accounting.

She said the demand for the first ProFridA programme, which was based largely on job retraining for prostitutes developed at Madonna in 1998 and in other regional help projects, had been overwhelming.

The next group would be able to start in January 2008 if the financing from the EU and North Rhine-Westphalia is extended. Meanwhile the organisers are hoping that the federal labour agency will eventually integrate some of ProFridA's principles in its standard job retraining programmes.

Quotes from German sex workers look to elder care as way out of brothel by Yahoo news.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have had a challenging time at work(my day job) these two weeks.

A number of people who I manage,have put me on a pedestal. They expect me to find all the solutions to their problems. I am feeling drained, and frustrated.

I recognise that I do have some responsibilities, but part of my ethos, is to
facilitate them to find their own solutions.

I am not comfortable with being put in a position of the expert,at all times. I accept I have more experience, and can empathise that I was where they were, at some point. I do not want to foster dependency.

However, I am feeling tired with it, and do not know whether I want the responsibility. I know that being where I am looks good on the CV,and I earn more, but it comes at a cost.

I feel like a dog, with a litter of pups, who want food 24/7. As much as I have explained my role, some people just hear what they want to. It may be that the litter at the moment is very needy.

It is a challenge to stick to my own philosphy,and it would be easier give in.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who decides

I am reading Men and Intimacy by Franklin Abbot at the moment.

I have come across an interesting quote.

If a man enjoys being tied to a post and then teased and tickled until he achieves orgasms, does society have a right to declare him "sick"? And what if the pleasure another seeks includes scarring and bloodletting, or the use of urine or faeces during sexual encounters? Who draws the line? When does deviance slip into madness? And who has the right to say when consenting "adults" have gone "too far"?

I am a vanilla girl,and have no experience of what he has mentioned, but I think he raises some good points.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Stavros is a cab driver that I use. A friend gave me his number. He is a driver to a number of escorts. Stavros has been around for a while. He is in his sixties, and has lots of stories to tell.

I feel comfortable with him. If my phone rings when I am with him, I can take the call. He will not judge me, as he is familiar with escorts and the industry.

The downside to this, is that Stavros, feels he needs to discuss everyone that he has seen with me. Details about other escorts, how many bookings they did, where the bookings were, and how much they made.

I am aware that he must do the same with other escorts, so I give him limited information. Information that I do not mind being shared with others.

He has been told off by a number of women, but we still use him. He is reliable, charges reasonable rates, and in one case called the police, and rescued an escort when she was being raped. He also knows most of the roads in London, and does not need to use a map.

I can tell that he is really lonely, and thrives on the stories that he hears from the women. He enjoys being around escorts, and continues to give me a detailed history of what it used to be like ten years ago. He would go and pick up escorts at an agency, and sit and wait in the agency while they got dressed, in front of him.This story is always told with a big smile on his face. I have been told this story numerous times. As well as the fact that some of the escorts, did not want to pay him cash, and paid him in kind.

I think this may have been his first experience of escorts, he tends to go to parlours. However, when he has had a big win at the casino, he will call an independent escort. He moans about the escort rates today, however when he sees something that he likes online, he cannot control himself.

Stavros drives at a snail's pace. I think he does this on purpose, as he likes to talk and smoke at the same time. Oh I forgot to mention, that he is always eating ,too. I have given him the lecture on heart disease, because of his weight, but that has fallen on deaf ears. I hate it when he smokes, as I do not want to arrive at a booking smelling of smoke, so usually tell him to stop.

He makes a considerable amount of money from myself and others, but also is a really kind man.His rates are reasonable, and a lot lower than other cab drivers. A number of women have gone to him, during hard times, and he has helped them out without question.

He is due to have surgery at the end of next month. He has no family here, and none of his family really care about him. I asked him what would happen if something went wrong, did his family know, was there anyone to contact in the UK?

He said there was nobody here. He mentioned that he needed someone to take him to hospital, on the day. He has some friends here, but I will do it, if noone else is there for him.

I just hope everything goes well for him. It is strange. Our relationship is based on cab rides. I know a bit about his family, and children, but that is it.

I struggle with the fact that his family do not care about him, and know he has bought properties for his kids in the Mediterranean, and sends money back, regularly.

I have fears that he may die in hospital, and noone will know.

Why should I care?

I care because he is someone who I have had contact with, who I feel deserves better.

Have a good week!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Different ways in which some people use escorts

Sometimes, escorts are used by clients as a source of revenge to get at their partners.

This has not happened to me yet ,to the best of my knowledge. I am assuming that is the case, as none of my clients have mentioned it.

What I was not aware of, was escorts being used against the opposition in sports.

According to Taylor, the football All-Star was turned onto cocaine as a NFL rookie, and within three years he was nose deep in crack. “I’d go through an ounce a day. And at times I’d be standing in the huddle. And instead of thinking what defense we were playing I’d be thinking about smoking crack after the game.” Of course, LT countered the effect of drugs with a special tactic: sending hookers with special instructions to wear out his opponents the night before a game.

Quotes from Lawrence Taylor, Crack and Hookers by Mental floss Magazine.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pilot scheme in Ipswich

A pilot scheme is to be launched in Ipswich, for the street workers in response to the murders.

They will also be given an exiting package.

Street workers are to be given bespoke counselling and help to find alternative lifestyles as part of a tough anti-prostitution strategy that is being piloted by the Home Office.

Prostitutes will be told to take part in the programme or risk a harsh regime involving prosecution and Asbos. Officials are also focusing on kerb crawlers who keep the trade afloat; they are being tracked via CCTV and identified from registration plate recognition technology.

All prostitutes will be the subject of a "case conference" so that a strategy can be drawn up which is relevant to their circumstances. Each will be given an "exiting package", or phased programme showing the transition they might make.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: "The key objective is to challenge the street-based market in the town, focusing on prevention, tackling demand, routes out, and ensuring justice."

But street workers fear the approach could drive women off the streets and into unfamiliar towns or force them to take risks by working alone and unmonitored.

The English Collective of Prostitutes has launched a "safety-first coalition" calling for decriminalisation. "The Ipswich approach will simply drive the prostitution underground," a spokeswoman said.

Quotes from Anti-Prostitution strategy to offer counselling or court, by Diane Taylor and Hugh Muir of the Guardian Newspaper.

It will be interesting to see how successful the counselling is. My understanding of involuntary counselling, is that there is not much behaviour change. The women have few options counselling or court.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am having a problem with my email at the moment. Some of my mail is disappearing into cyberspace.I am not sure how Yahoo is selecting, which messages are sent and received. It is weird. For those of you who have sent me mail, if I have not responded, could you please resend it.I have resent everything I sent out yesterday. Thank you, to those of you who brought this to my attention.

I met Roger last week, for a four hour booking . He wanted me to wear something Gothic, with killer heels.

I do not have full on gothic clothing, but have lots of black dresses,skirts, and silver jewellery. He was not particular about what I wore on the outside, but my lingerie was important. Fortunately, I have lots of corsets, that fit the bill.

I have more lingerie now, than I had before I started escorting. I think it is important to have a variety of lingerie, as it is not unusual to have specific requests.

The amount of money I spend on lingerie, is unbelievable, but I guess it pays in the end, right?

Roger had come off a long haul flight, when we met. I expected him to be knackered. I need a minimum of twenty four hours to recover when I have done long haul. I am no good to anybody. I need to have a shower as soon as I get to my destination, and then crash.

I am so amazed when I meet people who have loads of energy, after an eighteen hour flight. Roger fits into this category.

He is a neurosurgeon, over 50 and hip.I got to his hotel room, and conversation was so easy. We talked and laughed, and talked. I was aware that time was flying by, but realised he wanted the conversation, too.I never know whether I am going to get on with a client, when I meet them, and it is something I worry about. Fortunately, there are a few people who I have met, that I will not see again. Within a few minutes, I knew Roger and I had a lot in common.

We decided to order something from room service.

It is unusual for me to meet a client, who is not a regular, who knows what buttons to press. Roger, did all the right things. He wanted to please me.I do not expect my clients to please me,as I realise they are paying for my time. I believe most men use escorts, so they can have some allocated time, for their needs to be met.They want to be pampered.I am aware for some men, part of it, is for me to enjoy myself. If I get something from the encounter, I see it as a bonus.

Roger started by giving me one of the best deep tissue massages, I have had in ages. I really did not want to get up after that. I returned the favour, and then the action began.

It was slow, and hard, in all the right places. Just what I needed. I had to keep my killer heels on at all times, a turn on for Roger. I tend not to wear heels in bed, and was worried about jabbing his balls. Luckily, I did not.

Time just flew by while I was with him. I was struck by his energy, and warmth.

At the end of the booking, Roger insisted on walking me to my cab . I did not expect him to, or any client to do this for that matter. Most of my clients on Outcall, have nodded off when it is time for me to leave, and I let myself out quietly.

The food was left untouched, as we were too busy enjoying our time together.

Roger has been in touch since, and wants to meet next week. So I need to head to Camden market, for the Goth look.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Risks,limits and threats

There are some men who visit escorts who believe because they are paying, they have the right to do what they like with escorts.

When I meet a client, I tend to have some idea of what his expectations of our time together are. He has an idea of what my limitations are.

During our meeting, I have the right to say no, if I feel uncomfortable. If a client is too rough with me, banging into my cervix, and likely to cause internal injuries, then things are brought to an end.

I had a friend call me yesterday who runs an agency. She told me something that I found disturbing. Fortunately, the escort refused to go along with this request, and left.

This may not always be the case. Some escorts put up with unacceptable behaviour, because they may be desperate, naive, or are not getting enough work. In some cases the undesirable creatures that they see, threaten to write negative reviews.

They may be faced with irresponsible reviewing if they go along with it.

Most of these guys believe if they pull the negative review card, the escort will comply.

College call girl has a similar story here.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

A possible care package for Dutch troops

Times are definitely changing, as I mentioned here.

A Dutch MP has demanded hookers for their troops. I wonder what will happen. She has to be liberal, and has some understanding.

Woman MP demands hookers for the troops

A top female politician ín Holland wants Dutch prostitutes sent abroad with the troops to help them relax.

Annemarie Jorritsma, a politician for the centre-right People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the mayor of the town of Almere, went on national Dutch TV to demand the 'extra benefits' for soldiers.

She added: "The army must think about how their soldiers can let off some steam."

The ideas has been backed by the Dutch sex workers union which said it thought the idea had some merit.

Quotes from

Have a good week!

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Friday, March 16, 2007


Beau had asked me a while ago, whether my perception of men had changed since I started escorting. I think I am more understanding of men and their needs, which I talk about here.

I do not believe I would have come to this level of understanding, without being an escort. I am now aware of all the different circumstances that lead men to visiting escorts.

If I was in a relationship, and I discovered that my partner was seeing escorts, I do not think I would have a problem with it.

If you had asked me the same question, four years ago, I felt differently.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not in my backyard

Blueslady, raised something in her comments yesterday that I am familiar with.

I was reading "Callgirl" today and in it the author talks about how society regards working ladies. the question she asked people was something along the lines of how would you feel if you found out that your child's schoolteacher was a prostitute?

Truthful answer? I would have to meet her before I made any comment, but I would be slightly disturbed about it, and I am a working girl too.

I think it is the "not in my back yard" analogy which applies here.

I understand this, and have raised how I feel about the stigma here.

Why is it that I am okay with what I do, but if I had a daughter, it would not be something that I would be okay with?

How many of you who see escorts, would be comfortable with your daughter or sister coming home, and saying she would like to become an escort?

The truth please.

I have a friend who is an escort, and her daughter is an escort too. I am uncomfortable with it, but have not had the guts to discuss it with her, it is none of my business. Each to their own.I have no right to tell my friend how to bring up her daughter.

*Waits patiently to see who will be open about their double standards*

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I have difficulty with people losing their jobs if they are caught seeing escorts, or if it is discovered that they are an escort.

I understand that if you work in public office, in the UK, you have no chance whatsoever. The Duke is a good example.

I am yet to come across a client or escort, who has a day job and who is employed; that has no problem sharing this part of their life with their employer.

I have expressed my fears here and it was too close for comfort here.

Well this is another case of someone losing their job.

You may recall that Arizona Cardinals assistant coach Richie Anderson was arrested for attempting to solicit a prostitute ... if you were wondering if he could keep his job through such an ordeal, the answer, apparently, is no. The Cardinals fired him today.

This may not be a popular view, but I think firing the man is a little on the harsh side of things. Some Minnesota Vikings take some women on a boat to perform some kind of a sexual act, and they're all still in the league. A guy can inject fourteen different kinds of horse steroids into his heiney, and he'll be back in four games. There have been guys arrested for assaulting their girlfriends, and they never miss a game.

Quotes from Cardinals Fire Their Solicitor of Prostitutes by New Orlean Saints.

Okay, I understand that in the US, it is illegal, so he broke the law.

However, if it was legal, do you think he would have had the same treatment?

I do not understand how what I do in my private life, has any effect on the work I do in my day job.

If you are not doing anything illegal, what is the problem?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

About time

A new police team has been set up to target people who traffick women to the UK. The police team, have acknowledged that a more effective approach is needed. It is a start, but I wonder at what point they decided things needed to change.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ponting from the Metropolitan Police said as much as £8,000 could change hands for women who are brought into Britain and sold as prostitutes.

He is responsible for the overall strategy of the new Human Trafficking Team which will co-ordinate the Met’s efforts to stamp out the practice. Det Supt Ponting was heavily involved in last year’s Operation Pentameter, which removed 84 victims from human trafficking in a series of raids across the country.

Quotes from New police team to target sex slave gangs by the Birmingham post.

Sheffield is leading the way, with a human trafficking centre coordinating investigations all over the UK.

Police are appealing to punters.

He added: "Punters are sometimes their only contact with the outside world, so they are an important source of intelligence for us.

"There have been a number of instances where punters have actually brought victims into police stations to help.

"I see the punters as key partners in terms of gathering intelligence. We want people to get the message that many women working in prostitution are there against their will.

"If you go into a brothel you will be offered the services of women across the globe and it is a fair guess that not all those women are there of their own free will.

Quotes from New sex trafficking squad set up by Lifestyle Extra.

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Monday, March 12, 2007


Recommendations are not unusual in the escort industry. I have had escorts give their clients my number, and I have done the same.

I had a client who recommended me to a number of friends in his office. I realised what had happened, when I suddenly had a number of lawyers working in the same firm visit me, in one month.

Sadly, a client may behave himself with me, and could be a monster when he visits my friend. I recognise that I have no control over this, whatsoever.

I usually have no problem recommending anyone, because nothing has ever gone wrong.

I have just read Joanne's post on stalkers, and I would hate to think that I ever recommended a client, who became a stalker.

Here are my views on obsessive clients

Clearly, if I knew that the clients I recommended were stalkers, I would not recommend them. I can only hope that things will be okay, when I make recommendations.

Have a good week!

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Self esteem and neediness

I have come across a number of escorts who have said ; that they have higher self-esteem since they started escorting. I find this interesting. It makes sense if the majority of your clients are dishing out compliments, when they see you.

However, there is the other side of the scene, which can be experienced on messageboards and reviews.

Conversations about how an escort looks, and what she does are dissected and debated ad infinitum.

Yes,the focus is on how you look,and what you do constantly, as I raised in kiss my fat ass.

I imagine for women who have low self esteem, escorting can be soul destroying. However, I think for some escorts out there who are emotionally needy, escorting can feed that need.

Making sure that they surround themselves with clients, mainly regulars, who think they are manna from heaven,can give them a buzz. They thrive on it.

It gets difficult when these types of escorts, encounter clients who think they are are not manna from heaven, and all hell breaks loose.

They are so dependent on constant validation. So, when someone posts something on a messageboard or a review, that does not fit with their perception of themselves, it is blown out of proportion. Their egos are so fragile, that they cannot move on from this, and take it personally.

Is it realistic to expect, that you can please everyone that you meet?

I believe these types of escorts are not in it only for the money, but to fulfil an emotional need.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feeling the heat in Bulgaria

I love it. This story made me smile. Our sisters in Bulgaria are feeling the heat.

Brothel owners in Bulgaria are blaming global warming for staff shortages.

They claim their best girls are working in ski resorts because a lack of snow has forced tourists to seek other pleasures.

Petra Nestorova, who runs an escort agency in Sofia, said: 'We have hired students, but they are temps and nothing like our elite girls.'

Quotes from Global Warming: now it hits brothels by Free republic

When will the powers that be realise that global warming will affect each and every one of us?

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Romanian prostitutes take control in Tadworth

These women took matters into their own hands, and were able to call the police.They were brought in to tout their services at the Candyshop in Tadworth.

ROMANIAN prostitutes smuggled into the country to work in a Tadworth brothel called in the police when they became fed up with the arrangement.

They charged punters £100 an hour,receiving half the takings, but decided after a month that they wanted to return home and walked out.

Quotes from Smuggled prostitutes tipped off police about brothel by Post reporter.

It is great that they felt able to call the police, collectively.A seven month jail sentence is lenient, in my view.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Putting escorts on the expense account

I understand that a number of clients, who pay by credit card tend to do this. I have a friend who works in the entertainment industry, who told me that this goes on, and the company pays for it.

According to a survey mentioned in today's Scotsman, British workers are cheating employers out of £1 billion a year through their expenses claims.

What is more, "some are making outrageous claims, asking employers to pay for escorts, condoms and pet care, the survey found."

Quotes from On the fiddle.

Clearly some companies, do not approve of this, so how do they get away with it?

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Who do you protect?

I thought I had heard and seen it all, until I read this article. This businessman is clearly devoted to his mistress.

A CHINESE businessman has advertised on the internet for a stand-in mistress to be beaten up by his wife to vent her anger and to protect his real mistress, Chinese media reported today.

Quotes from Wanted: stand-in mistress for wife to beat by the Australian news.

Yes, and some people have signed up. Well, well, well!

I came across some posts about cheating that are on topic, at the weekend.

Gillette has a good post on cheating, and how we can be held hostage in relationships.

Joanne of Leeds talks about how men who are being held hostage at home, take out their frustration on escorts.


Peter and Gigi, I am sorry I have taken a while to get this sorted. Thank you for adding me to your sidebars.

Two new additions to my side bar Peter Leeds, and the Shy giraffe. Pay them a visit.

Have a good week.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Sleeping With The Enemy ...

Security is essential for all escorts. It is important that someone or several people know where you are, when you meet clients.For those who provide Incall Cctv cameras, are essential too.

A man accused of posing as a client to steal earnings from prostitutes around Kingston has gone on trial.

Daniel Fuller, 25, from Clifton Road, South Norwood, stands accused of conspiracy to rob on 16 occasions from June to December 2005.

He also faces a charge of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit a crime and a further charge of blackmail.

He said Fuller targeted discreet "massage parlour" operations in quiet suburban areas where typically there would be one working girl and one receptionist.

Mr Millett told the jury the robberies were carried out by Fuller, who would phone the parlours' receptionist to make an appointment, but on arriving would say he had to leave immediately.

When the door was opened for him to leave he would be joined by one or two other men who would help him to take cash and mobile phones from the sex worker and receptionist.

Mr Millett said: "The men robbing them were not on a moral mission to clean up prostitution, but to make a profit from what they saw as easy, vulnerable targets."

The court heard that, spurred on by a succession of robberies which gained the men around £150 cash and mobile phones each time, Fuller went on to demand one woman for a weekly payment of cash.

Mr Millett said: "By December 2005 Fuller decided he would start a protection racquet by blackmailing owners into providing him with weekly payments."

Quotes from Man denies robbing massage parlours by Lisa Williams of the Surrey Comet.

My understanding is that this is how most of the robberies are carried out. I read about some Escort agencies and Independent escorts that have bodyguards in their flats, and cannot blame them.

I have had an influx of readers popping in from the USA over the past few days, more than usual.On Wednesday, USA outnumbered UK readers.I would suggest that my new readers have a look at the other bloggers on my sidebar, who have lots to say.Thank you for stopping by.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

World Book day

Today is World Book day. I am a bookaholic. At the moment, I have no more room for books in my flat. I just cannot help myself when I go into a bookshop, and always end up with something.

Here is the Guardian list of 100 books that you cannot live without. I have not read all the books on the list, but two of my favourites are on there.

What are your all time favourites?

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