Saturday, September 20, 2008

You don't know until you try

William Halby lost his bid to claim escorts as a reasonable medical expense to fight depression, on his taxes.

I wonder if he had read about Tas Sinadinos last year.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting rid of the clutter in my life

Sometimes I find myself in situations or relationships that are stressful or toxic. A friend sent me this link on the eight irresistible principles of fun.

I think it is easy to forget what my priorities are in life, when I am in difficult situations.

One thing that I am learning to do well these days , is letting go of all the crap in my life, and doing stuff and being around people that really matter.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday morning meeting

I had the meeting with the cow today. My colleague and I had prepared a report for her. Fortunately, my colleague and boss sat in on the meeting. The cow's manner had not changed since I met her in July. She started firing questions again, as soon as she sat down. We gave her our report, and lots of other documents to support the report.

I wonder whether she will take the time to read them.

She kept on repeating certain phrases and words

It was clear at the end of the meeting, that she had no intention to listen to what anyone had to say. Although myself and the others responded, as soon as she paused to breathe. My boss told her to back down, and to listen otherwise there was no point, and she went bright red, then paid no notice.

I kept on looking at my boss and colleague, to see what their reactions to her were, and the cow definitely put their backs up.

She has set another meeting for next week Monday, which I am dreading.

After she left the meeting, my colleague came into my office and said that she was a bully, and that she had a headache. My boss came into my office five minutes later, asking me how I felt about the meeting, and I told her that the cow had no communication skills. My boss felt the same way, and told me that a number of people had resigned in the last few months, as they could not work with the cow.

We all had headaches by lunchtime, and have to deal with her again next Monday.

I wonder how the cow managed to get to where she is with her attitude. It is amazing, as I was aware that as soon as she started talking, I went into fight mode.

I am still hanging on, as I want that redundancy package.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Judge Tills is judged for recruting prostitutes

Ronald H. Tills had the reputation as one of the toughest sentencing judges in Western New York during his 10 years as a State Supreme Court judge.

An embarrassed-looking Tills, 73, admitted Thursday that he recruited prostitutes for events sponsored by a nationwide fraternal men’s club called the Royal Order of Jesters.

He is no different to Richard Seigler pimping, or David Vitter.

I wonder how many prostitutes Ronald Tills sentenced when he was a judge. They must be laughing their asses off now.

Who would have thought this judge could do this?

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Covering your tracks or not

I met someone this week , who is going through a divorce. She has been married for ten years, and just discovered her husband was having an affair. Her husband moved his mistress into one of their properties, while they were married. She didn't see it coming, as he seems to have covered his tracks. She found out about his infidelity via a friend.Unbelievable.

I wonder what type of human being can move their mistress, into one of their homes, while he is still married. I thought I had seen and heard it all, but this is so below the belt, I am speechless.

Maybe some of you out there can help me understand this man?

What does it take to show respect to your wife, and call it a day, without moving your mistress in. It turns out that he had a string of women throughout his marriage.

So, the divorce proceedings are on, which he is trying to mess up. She has a fortune, that he wants a part of. The man(b******) has no limits.

I continue to read what is going on with Sarah Summers, and one of her ex clients. Her client's wife has posted some comments in this post. One of the comments is that Sarah encourages married men to come to see her, and I guess this extends to all escorts.

I disagree, married men choose to come and see us, they know what they are doing. I don't advertise, and say that I only want to see married men. Whether they are married or not, is irrelevant to me. I do my job,they pay me for my time, end of story. If they choose to see me again, that is up to them.

It is a fact that about eighty per cent of my clients are married. I imagine it is the same for most escorts. I think it says a lot about their marriages, and needs.

I can understand why a wife would be upset, but to blame the escort totally, is a cop out. It fails to look at her husband's responsibility. I am not about to ask a client whether his wife has approved that he is seeing me. I live in the real world, and want to get paid. I also do not see myself as someone who is destroying marriages either, in fact I think escorts can have the opposite effect.

If a client does not cover his tracks, that is his funeral.

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Escorts who take breaks

It is not unusual for escorts to take breaks, to maintain their sanity. As service providers some escorts give so much of themselves they need to recharge their batteries to enable them to maintain their high standards of service.

Sarah Summers has a no nonsense post on why she is taking a break, and gives some insight into the challenges of being an escort.

Amber who has left escorting has a good post on how most escorts she knows started escorting because of the money.

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