Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Escorts a work expense

I had talked about putting escorts on the expense account here.

Well, Tas Sinadinos told an Australian court that using escort services might be a legitimate tax deduction.

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Some companies provide their frequent business travelers with a fixed monthly expense allowance which is intended to cover meals, entertainment, dry cleaning and any other incidentals. No questions are asked on what the allowance is spent on. I wonder how many people use the allowance to pay for escorts?
Would we have to give receipts and would they be itemised Nia?

*evil smile*

Thank you for your comments. Sadly, I have never worked for a company that does not ask questions,lol.


Thank you for your comments. Yes, itemised receipts would be required Jo,ROFLMAO.
As a self-employed person it isn't the company that would ask it would be the taxman.

If I've stayed in a hotel for an outcall I'll put that on my expenses.

As for anything else; ha.......I'm imagining that itemised receipt.
What a fantastic concept. The Taxman helping the pay for fun. Such a delicious oxymoron if ever there was one!!
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