Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday morning meeting

I had the meeting with the cow today. My colleague and I had prepared a report for her. Fortunately, my colleague and boss sat in on the meeting. The cow's manner had not changed since I met her in July. She started firing questions again, as soon as she sat down. We gave her our report, and lots of other documents to support the report.

I wonder whether she will take the time to read them.

She kept on repeating certain phrases and words

It was clear at the end of the meeting, that she had no intention to listen to what anyone had to say. Although myself and the others responded, as soon as she paused to breathe. My boss told her to back down, and to listen otherwise there was no point, and she went bright red, then paid no notice.

I kept on looking at my boss and colleague, to see what their reactions to her were, and the cow definitely put their backs up.

She has set another meeting for next week Monday, which I am dreading.

After she left the meeting, my colleague came into my office and said that she was a bully, and that she had a headache. My boss came into my office five minutes later, asking me how I felt about the meeting, and I told her that the cow had no communication skills. My boss felt the same way, and told me that a number of people had resigned in the last few months, as they could not work with the cow.

We all had headaches by lunchtime, and have to deal with her again next Monday.

I wonder how the cow managed to get to where she is with her attitude. It is amazing, as I was aware that as soon as she started talking, I went into fight mode.

I am still hanging on, as I want that redundancy package.

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Some employers use people like the "cow" to encourage natural wastage.

It is cheaper than paying out redundancy.


I used to work for a company that had the male version in a very senior position and who caused terror wherever he went. He would be used to target managers they wanted out.

The company did not have a redundancy policy; it didn't need one.

All those who worked there gained a resilience I haven't seen anywhere else LOL

At least you have witnesses and allies to support you; where I worked they would isolate you, or try to, and then send him in.

Stay with it Nia and good luck.

Grumpy Old Man
Reading this sounds to me like she is struggling with her own job and is being harsh with people to make up for her own inadequacies.

Behaving in this manner, she probably thinks she is blagging it!

I think she is heading for a fall, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later for all of your sakes.

Thank you for your comments. I wonder whether our company has brought in the cow for natural wastage.

I wonder how long this will go on for.


Thank you for your comments. I hope she falls. I heard yesterday that someone was about to take a complaint out against her. Whether it will go anywhere is another matter.
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