Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hard times at work for Nia dark and Lovely

I walked into work this morning, and as I headed to reception, I met the head of our region. I had never met her before, but she was photocopying my diary, and my colleague's diary. As soon as I walked into reception, she bombarded me with questions about my job. She wanted figures, and said that we were not value for money. She added that we were under threat, which did not come as a surprise, and that we would have to justify being there. We are being audited for the second time this year.

She has only been in post three months. My first impression of her was not favourable. The woman didn't even give me time to put my bag down, or have my morning cup of tea. She demanded that I submit a report, to be sent to her today, and scheduled a meeting for next month. My colleague started holiday yesterday, and I would have liked to talk things over with her, but as luck would have it I could not. I feel this bigwig was insensitive, and clearly wants to flex her muscles.

When my boss came in, I explained what had happened, and she said that I should have challenged her boss. She said that I needed to tell her to stop bullying me. I was amazed at her reaction. I am not likely to tell someone who I know has the power to axe my job, on a first meeting, to stop bullying me.

Then again, if we are all on the way out I probably have nothing to lose, right?

I feel that we are all going to lose our jobs pretty soon.Our boss has been dropping hints, for over a year now. However, whenever I ask her the question directly, she says we are fine until the next financial year. I have been made redundant before, and did not like the way I felt at the time. I have just spoken to a friend this evening, who knows someone who is being made redundant for the sixth time.

The atmosphere at work is tense. Restructuring and organisational change can create panic, fear and hostility, among staff. I have been hanging on, as I have been there for a while and want my redundancy package, and yet when I see jobs advertised, I worry about them passing me by. I have started applying for other jobs now, regardless.

The pressure is on.

I left work today with a headache, toothache, and knowing I need a holiday fast.

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Perhaps this woman is also under pressure to perform? Perhaps her job is more on the line than yours? Without you people, there would be no job, no boss.. right?

Defend yourself and at least if the job is finished they cannot blame you for anything.

When things become tight moneywise, people will behave in a most mercenary way in order to justify their own existence.

Look after yourself.

Thank you for your comments. I think she is under pressure. She has been brought in at a difficult time.

Yes, without us there would be no job, or boss. However, I think they can afford to lose the lot of us, as we are not value for money at the moment.

There are some changes that have taken place organisationally, that are beyond my control.

I will defend myself, but with the current atmosphere, I no longer want to work there.
I was made redundant once; on my daughter's 21st birthday.

I drove back home in tears.

.......and I've never looked back since as I went from being employed to self-employed.

From the ashes.............

Grumpy Old Man
That is great GOM. Unfortunately, in my line of work, the market is saturated, and the consumer is overwhelmed with choice. Everyone that I know who is self employed, is struggling to get by.
I took voluntary redundancy a year ago today and have never regretted it for a minute. However, you have to prepare well in advance if you want a soft landing. Start looking for other, better jobs asap, contact your network and enlist as much help as you can in finding new work. It's great to have a break when/if you do leave, but even better to know you have something lined up for the future.
I took voluntary redundancy a year ago today and have never regretted it for a minute. However, if you are made redundant spend as much of the company's time as you can securing Your future: job hunting, networking, registering with agencies. Don't wait till you're out the door before you do these things. If the company are any good, they will have an outplacement service. Make full use of it. In the company's time! Best of luck! If you need any help, I'd be happy to do what I can.
Thank you for stopping by Ian. I have started looking for jobs, and hope I get something before it happens. My network know about it, so everyone is looking out for me, thanks.

I have done most of my jobhunting from work, but unfortunately have not been able to do all my job applications at work. Thank you for offering to help.
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