Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Contracting with clients

I have just read Sarah's post on whether she is the vulnerable one. I agree with her,and can empathise with her.

When her client left their contract ended.

He was foolish enough to get caught.

Why is she being contacted after the fact?

Who was the person seeking her services in the first place?

Did she force him to see her?

She points out how important it is for men to cover their tracks when they see escorts.

If your wives, or girlfriends find out, do not drag us into it.

What the hell are we supposed to say after the fact, to your angry partners?

Sorry just doesn't cut it, in this instance.

It is your responsibility to make sure your family do not find out. If you are foolish enough to be caught deal with the consequences.

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You and Sarah are right. He was wrong to contact her.

Let's put the boot on the other foot. If the WG gets found out by her family (and not through the actions of a client)........does she or her family have any right to contact a client?

Absolutely not.

I think those who sympathise with that guy should think of that.

Grumpy Old Man

Thank you for your comments.

I can see it now. A WG who has parents who are puritans, or an angry boyfriend.

Do her parents or angry boyfriend have the right to contact her clients, and interrogate them?

I have heard of WG's being found out by their partners, and the partners taking the phone. Then, when a client calls for a booking, you can imagine what they are told.

That is slightly different to someone setting out to call all her clients.
You can't blame his wife for any emotion she is feeling, however her anger is misplaced.
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