Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Seances, table rapping and knocking shops

Matt Salusbury talks to Kittie Klaw about Victorian values and her interest in parapsychology.

They look at the similarities between Victorian music halls and seances.

The post adds a whole new meaning to table rapping.

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I loved this quote from Kittie in the quoted article:

Kittie describes Gothic Horror’s enduring erotic appeal as ‘legitimised S and M,’ with ‘lots of Freudian sex and death.’ For example, ‘Dracula is the perfect hybrid of Mr Darcy and the Marquis De Sade – ideal husband and depraved sexual mentor in one’.

I knew the Goths had something! LOL

B xx
Totally fascinating Nia, on history as well as an interesting woman. I had no idea that those were the origins of the phrase 'knocking shop'. One never knows - that might come in very handy in this line of business! :-)

Livvy xxx
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