Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nia dark and lovely on blogging

It is one year since I started blogging. How time does fly. Chevalier has been on my case to do my own interview. I gave him my word, so have to honour that.

What is the first weblog I came across?

I think it was Postmodern courtesan, which no longer exists.

Why did I start blogging?

It was not something that I gave much thought to. I have a side to my personality that is impulsive. I decided that I would give it a go one day, and did. I have found that it can be therapeutic, to put my thoughts down. I like the fact that I can write what I like, and noone can censor me.

Which blogs do I read?

I read all the blogs on my sidebar.My favourites are Beau, Caitie Mae, Chevalier, Compartments, English Courtesan, Gillette, and Joanne of Leeds and Mercurial girl.

I miss Glengarry Leads, Memoirs of a Whoremonger, and the Petulant Pooner, who have all stopped blogging.

What appeals to me about the blogs I read?

The bloggers personality, and passion shines through. Their blogs are informative, interesting, amusing in some instances, controversial,thoughtful, and honest.

Whose writing do I particularly admire?

I admire Jeff Jarvis, Rebecca Blood Negrophile, Maya Angelou, Khalil Gibran and John Steinbeck.

In my reading do I seek out different points of view ?

I like to read books or blogs that challenge my way of thinking, and feel this is the only way that I can learn.

How do I choose items to link?

I link to articles or blogs that interest me, annoy me, amuse me or that I find informative.

What is my policy on comments?

My comments are moderated to avoid spam.

Do I ever receive abusive comments , how do I handle it ?

I have received one abusive comment, since I started blogging. The comment was nothing to do with my blog, but someone who wanted to draw me into an argument, on one of the blogs on my sidebar. I felt it was irrelevant, and did not post it. My policy on abusive comments, is that I am happy to post them, if they are not posted by anonymous commenters.

Where do I find interesting links?

I find interesting links on other blogs, and via the search engines.

Do I ever write to provoke a reaction, how do I do that ?

I don't think I do, however I somehow manage to provoke a reaction.

How much traffic do I get?

When I started blogging, I had 50 unique visits a day, it is now 100 to 300 a day. My traffic is dependent on my blog posts, and who links to me.

What is my rank on Technorati?

It is 395,824.

Has my writing changed since I started blogging?

I think I am more confident, and clearer than when I began. My readers may have another view.

How many hours do I spend online a day?

It varies, it could be anything from one to six hours a day. It depends, my dayjob, requires that I spend sometime on line.

How much time do I spend on my site a day?

An hour a day. It sometimes is more than that,if I have to do lots of research for a blog post.

How many blogs do I read?

All the blogs on my sidebar. I used to read them all daily, but no longer have the time to do that.

How do I find new blogs?

I find new blogs, from other blogs, and reader comments.

How much reader email do I get?

I get five to ten reader emails a week.

What do I think makes a successful blog?

I think a succesful blog is original, engaging, informative and focused.

What is my advice for a new blogger?

Read Rebecca Blood's book.

Rebecca's article on weblog ethics is essential.

Have a purpose for your blog. Do not post when you are angry. Read other blogs. Write for yourself, and not for the audience.Be yourself, be patient, and voice your opinion. Link as much as you can, as it gives readers information, and good content will bring in traffic. If someone says something bad about you, link to it and answer. Remember what you write is available to the public.Be honest. If you copy and paste, or use a piece from a website or blog, link to it. If you do not, you will get caught. Word travels quickly on the web and blogosphere, and it does not help your reputation.

How has blogging changed my life?

I have formed friendships with some of my blog readers.

What blogs do I think deserve wider recognition and why?

I am so behind on my reading at the moment, I can't answer the question.

What are my hobbies?

Cooking when I am in the mood. Going to concerts, eating out, reading, watching movies,learning languages, and travelling.

How has my blog changed over the year?

I think I have moved away from writing about personal issues, to commentary.

Am I fairly accurate in predicting which of my items will be widely linked?

I have no idea why some posts are linked to, more than others.

Do I have a background in writing?


When do I blog?

At the start of my day, mainly or when I have the time.

With regard to blogging what was my most memorable moment?

There have been several moments. I did a book review here, and the author came in to comment.

I had been mentioned on another blog. I was able to agree to disagree with the blogger here, in a civilised manner. The author of the blog came in and gave her comments.

I had covered an article , and the owner of the escort agency came in here to correct me.

Discovering that bloggers who I admire and respect have linked to me on their blogs, and realising that I have a core group of returning readers.

Would you read your site?

Oh yes. I have 254 posts to date, lots of comments, and 55,000 visits.

Thank you all for reading.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Orlando newspaper staff arrested for aiding prostitution

Three employees of the Orlando weekly newspaper have been arrested, for aiding and abetting prostitution.

I do not understand.As prostitution is illegal in the US, how were the classified advertisements accepted in the first place?

Can my US readers enlighten me please.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Anonymous bloggers who misbehave cannot hide behind their cloaks

How anonymous can you be in the blogosphere?

Well, a judge in the UK has told a site to reveal the names of abusive bloggers, and commenters.

I wonder whether this will make some of these people think twice.

I remember the howls of protest, which I understand.

I have my views on anonymous and non anonymous escort blogs.

Compartments has a great new post for anonymous escort bloggers, which gives you all the information you need to hide.

Have a good week.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The validity of medical certificates in the paid sex industry

I have heard that on some review sites, some escorts claim that they have medical certificates, and in some cases are willing to offer bareback. Unbelievable in this day and age, I say.

Some of the arguments for this behaviour, are that anything between consenting adults is cool.

I question the validity of these certificates, as some sexually transmitted diseases have long incubation periods.

When, where and who issues some of these certificates?

My understanding is that these certificates are issued mainly to porn stars, who are supposed to go for regular checks.

An interesting story about a doctor who issued medical certificates to sex workers in Melbourne, without checking their health.


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Defining Retired and UTR escorts

Chevalier has two interesting posts on Retired escorts and escorts who are Under the radar.

My understanding is that if you are under the radar, you are not retired. You do not advertise, but still see a select number of clients, so how can you be retired.

A close escort friend retired last month. I understand some escorts want nothing to do with anyone in the industry when they retire. It is great when an escort that I've had a good relationship with, still keeps in touch. I can understand the need to get out, and not look back.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

What goes around comes around

I opened my post yesterday, and had a letter from my mad boss

She had told the board about my nasty email to her.

Can you recall that when I asked her to outline what her expectations of me were, she came back with waffle?

Well, apparently the board thought that her response to me was not sufficient, and have told her that she needs to be clearer about what she needs from me.

This woman has great difficulty admitting her mistakes, and I can recall how rude she was to me when we spoke about this issue. Her letter brought a huge smile to my face yesterday morning.

Have a great weekend.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Escorts and clients falling in love

I am sorry that I have not blogged for a while. I have been struggling with some issues in my personal life, that took over.

I came across escorts and clients mixing business and pleasure, and feel that the article raises some important points.

More on this in my post on love
and confusing friendship with business.

I had lunch with two escorts yesterday, who are both getting married to clients this year. So for all the cynics out there, it happens.

Have a good week!

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