Monday, October 22, 2007

Anonymous bloggers who misbehave cannot hide behind their cloaks

How anonymous can you be in the blogosphere?

Well, a judge in the UK has told a site to reveal the names of abusive bloggers, and commenters.

I wonder whether this will make some of these people think twice.

I remember the howls of protest, which I understand.

I have my views on anonymous and non anonymous escort blogs.

Compartments has a great new post for anonymous escort bloggers, which gives you all the information you need to hide.

Have a good week.

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The laws of discretion need tightening up on the Internet, not just with blogging, but with message boards too.

People are allowed to tell downright stinking lies about others on message forums and if the webmaster is sympathetic he can actually make it seem like the truth by endorsing these posts.

How on earth this can happen I do not know, but speaking out as a victim of lies and liars on the net I would like to hereby shout out loud my indignation.

When you log onto a message board and read something so bad abut yourself that you sit in total amazement and feel paralysed, and know you can do nothing, then there has to be something really wrong here.

Thank you for your comments. I think the same rule needs to apply to message boards too.

I guess the webmasters on messageboards, always know who the posters are, but choose not to act, for whatever reasons.

I can identify with your indignation, having read some of the stuff that has been written about you, and others.

I know it is outrageous, but there are some people out there, who know that most of the lies, are lies.
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