Thursday, February 21, 2008

Steve Wright to be convicted on Friday for the murders of the five women in Ipswich

Steve Wright is to be sentenced on Friday for murdering the five women in Ipswich.

A woman who had sex with Steve after the fifth victim, thinks her life was saved because of an unexplained noise.

Steve described himself as a placid person who buried his anger inside.

Well, his buried anger has taken the lives of five women, and hopefully he will remain behind bars, the families of the women feel he deserves the death penalty. He will be given five mandatory life sentences, but the trial judge must decide if and when he can apply for parole.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Text messages,the Swedish model and adult content

I received a text message yesterday, that was sent to me by mistake. I hear about people sending messages to the wrong person, but fortunately I have not done this yet.

The message was for Jenny. So Jenny if you are reading this you left your panties behind last night on a booking, and do you want them back?

This man must have had my number saved on his phone, but I am not Jenny, and have never left my panties behind, although I have had them nicked.

Laura Schwartz makes some good points on why she is against the Swedish model of prostitution .

Slutty McWhore is right I don't toast marshamallows with my clients, but maybe one day, a client will call me with that request. I don't understand why she cannot get a listing.

Have a good week.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Changes on the horizon for escorts who place ads in the papers

It looks like there is a clampdown for escorts who place ads in the papers.

I read some similar articles last year.

I am surprised that there are still a number of escorts out there who advertise in the newspapers, and clients who look for escorts in the newspapers.

I assumed that the internet had taken over.

I guess it will if a law is passed.

I wait to see if there is a clampdown on internet advertising.

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