Sunday, February 03, 2008

Changes on the horizon for escorts who place ads in the papers

It looks like there is a clampdown for escorts who place ads in the papers.

I read some similar articles last year.

I am surprised that there are still a number of escorts out there who advertise in the newspapers, and clients who look for escorts in the newspapers.

I assumed that the internet had taken over.

I guess it will if a law is passed.

I wait to see if there is a clampdown on internet advertising.

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In the States, there are certain sites that have drawn attention and been the vehicle for busts. I had word years ago that the Bush administration had plans to do crack down not only on escorts, but porn and other sex related stuff. I don't think they got as far as they wanted.

Hope all is well with you, Nia.

Thank you for your comments. What you say does not surprise me about the Bush administration.

I am well thanks, I hope you are.
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