Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thinking of others when you are ill

One of the women that I manage called in sick, yesterday. She has a customer facing role, and has a bad dose of the flu. We were due to have a meeting this week, which she said she would attend. I told her not to come to the meeting, as I did not want the flu. She was offended. I question why she wants to come and meet with me, and yet she is in no position to see her customers. I am pretty laid back, and understand that when you are ill, you are ill. I have a major issue with people who come to work when they are ill, and spread their germs to the rest of us.

I went on an outcall last year, and when I spoke to my client he sounded okay. I realised when I got to his flat, that he was coughing and spluttering, and told him that I would return when he was better. He begged me to stay, and I did ( I know, I am a fool) but on condition that there would be no kissing, and he could not touch me. Within forty eight hours, I had this nasty cough and cold. My fault, I should have walked out.

I find it amazing when I am ill, and I tell my clients that I am not working, and they ask me to see them regardless.

What use am I when I am coughing, spluttering and have a runny nose?

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I've seen a girl who had blocked up nose with cold.

I didn't have the heart to ask for a BJ LOL..............and, yes, I did think it was a little unprofessional of her not even to warn me.

I didn't go back.
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