Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Orlando newspaper staff arrested for aiding prostitution

Three employees of the Orlando weekly newspaper have been arrested, for aiding and abetting prostitution.

I do not understand.As prostitution is illegal in the US, how were the classified advertisements accepted in the first place?

Can my US readers enlighten me please.

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The classified ads people are probably paid by commission, so all they care about is getting paid. They probably don't care that prostitution is illegal, because it never occurred to them that THEY could be arrested.

Law enforcement is probably grandstanding for effect by arresting these people. They could probably just as easily have warned then first and asked them to stop running such ads on pain of legal action. Maybe they did and were ignored.

Orlando is not far from where I live and is generally seen as a place that is not prostitute friendly. It wants to maintain its image as a healthy place for the family, a place where mums will be happy to visit without worrying that Dad is sneaking off for some nookie. Escorts have a very hard time getting into hotels there.
Entre Amigos,

Thank you for the clarification. I wonder how the classified ads people, did not imagine they could be arrested.

The law is clear, right?

It makes more sense,if Orlando is a family place.
Ah, but the ads likely did not say "I will commit these sexual acts with you for $$$." In the U.S., advertisements are often worded as providing only "time and companionship." You see it in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, etc., etc.

It's a fiction, and a game that everyone understands and plays. And, of course, some escort services don't provide sexual services. Of course, those of us who participate in P4P think of them as the bad people -- get your money from an implied and understood promise, then stick with the literal language of the advertisement. :-)

(There are also "escort services" that aren't and don't pretend to be purveyors of sex, but a service that provides a social escort, for example, someone to accompany the client to an important dinner or party.)

Because "escort services" -- understood as "$$$ for time and companionship only" -- are legal, the newspapers and Yellow Pages rationalize that as far as they know the ads are for legal services, not illegal services.

Willful blindness.

Law enforcement usually doesn't go after them, though, and I seriously doubt whether they would be convicted.


Thank you for your comments.

I wonder why LE went after this paper,given the points you have raised?
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