Saturday, January 26, 2008

Debt,escorts,law and mothers

One in four people who contacted a debt helpline, admitted that part of their financial problems were caused by spending money on sex.

This does not surprise me, can you remember the sex addict who stole cash to spend on prostitutes?

Gal on in Israel is proposing a law to close down the sex industry online.

A mother of one of the women who was murdered in Ipswich had no idea her daughter was a prostitute.

There are very few mothers who do, it is not the sort of thing you go home and tell mother, in my view.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ipswich killer Steve Wright's motive

I apologise for not having blogged for a while. Three close friends, and members of my family have had major crises. That has taken priority for me,and my availability has changed as a result.

Some sweet soul thought I had retired, and chose not to tell anyone about it.You will know when that happens.

I was watching the news today and cannot believe the Steve Wright trial has taken so long.

I wonder what his motive was too.

His DNA was everywhere, and yet he says he did not kill these women.

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