Saturday, February 27, 2010

Belle de Jour on sex education

You can watch Belle de jour's views on sex education here.

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I'm all in favour of free speech, goodness, I do enough of it on my blog and on my website.. but there is something that really grates about this woman.

She worked as a prostitute, according to her - a high class one at that !.. She sold her body for a living, and yet she feels comfortable talking about how to educate our children about sex matters, after she has done a job which requires the utmost of discretion.

She is only out there because she was about to be outed. Now she enlarges upon it.

She will live with a stigma for the rest of her life because she was a prostitute.

yes, I am one, but unlike her, I didn't write a book about it - I prefer the discreet route, and I think she should stop living by dual standards. I find her to be smug and self satisfied, and now she is out of the game she can do or say whatever she likes. She has set the industry back, and not helped anyone but herself.

And she didn't say anything ground breaking anyway Nia!

Thank you for your comments. I hear you.

Can I just check something out with you in your comment?

Are you saying that escorts should not feel comfortable talking to children about sex education?

I think working girls are the same as everyone else, but for one thing, and that is the obvious. We sell our precious bodies for money.

No child should be told that is the norm, and therefore no child should receive sex education from someone who sells sex for a living. It gives off mixed messages, and distorts what sex should be all about , and truly I believe it should be between two people who care for each other.

When that child grows up, he/she can make their own mind up about sex, but initially they should be taught it comes withing a loving relationship.

But you know me anyway.. I pontificate :)
Now I’ve read your site. I LOVE it!!! You have a tremendous sense of humour and it was a joy to read.
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