Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ladies your phone may be cut off before the Olympics

It seems that if you are a London escort and advertise on calling cards in phone boxes, your phone may be cut off before the Olympics.

I read the article and wondered whether the mobile phone networks are able to access every escort in the UK who has a mobile phone.

We shall see.

Fun and games in 2012, for those escorts who will still be on the scene then.

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What a crazy idea! Surely it wouldn't be in the interests of politicians to do this... Where would they go on a Friday night?
Since I am not a London escort, it would be difficult for me to make a comment on this, expecially since I don't think I would engage in this form of advertising.

What do you think Nia? Would you adopt this method of advertising? It seems like going back in time to me. Why do it when there is the Internet or am I missing the point?
Sex Toys Canada,

Thank you for your comments. Well, I guess part of it is to curb the trafficking.


Thank you for your comments.

No, I wouldn't advertise in phone boxes.

However, what stops them blocking mobile phone numbers of escorts who advertise on the internet?
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