Monday, March 30, 2009

Internet dating sites

I have a number of single friends who are not escorts, who are members of online dating sites. I don't have the guts to join one of these sites. I am pretty old school, and would rather meet someone the old way.

Yet, I have the guts to put up a professional escort site, and meet total strangers and .....

It just doesn't make sense, but I don't see it as the same thing.

*watches a number of readers scratch their heads*

I saw this site in a mag the other day, and could not believe my eyes. A different type of dating site, for people who want to have affairs.

Most of my clients say that it is easier to see an escort than have an affair. I am led to believe that is true for most men who see escorts.

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It is definitely easier to see an escort than have an affair, and when you add up all the costs involved (food, drink, travel, hotel), you might as well visit an escort! As my sole aim isn't just to "bust a nut", I would rather spend time with women that are attracted to me and are excited by me. 75% of the thrill is female orgasm. I love to feel and see a woman orgasm. In contrast, some men have a completely different issue: they are unable to shift the mental image of all the hundreds of penises that have passed before.
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