Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Uproar in Switzerland over prostitute's burial

Some women in Switzerland have criticised a well known prostitute being buried close to John Calvin.

"If every woman that had children to raise alone turned to prostitution, the city of Geneva would be a bordello," said Amelia Christinat, a feminist and former member of the Swiss parliament who opposed Real's reburial.

Jacqueline Berenstein-Wavre, the first woman to head Geneva's parliament, also objected.

"No woman should rejoice at this transfer, which is nothing but the elevation of a prostitute and of prostitution in general by its male protectors," she told the daily Tribune de Geneve, which noted the scarcity of women buried in the honored ground, less than a quarter of the 350 graves.

I was not aware that discrimination existed in cemetries, but maybe someone can tell me otherwise.

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I'm confused. She campaigned for better working conditions for people in a legal trade and for this she is being condemned. Seems odd.

I'm not in the industry, and have never partaken of the pleasures associated with it, but have the impression that whilst a lot of shady practices surround prostitution in general there is also legitimate trade being carried out by some people in a relatively safe manner. The proportion of good/bad is still a little unclear however and I'd welcome any statistics on this.

I'm confused though. It exists, and most likely will always exist. If we just accept this we can move forwards and just make things as safe for as many people as possible.

Hmm, this is a little ranty for a first post, and annoymous one at that. Apologies.

But, if a reserved white collar worker with no experience of these things can think in such ways surely it is a no brainer, right??
I don't know about this Nia... I really don't. I do not think prostitution should be celebrated. I think we should be quietly allowed to go about our business, and recognised as women first?
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