Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 things you should never say to a call girl

Tracy Quan has come up with a useful list of ten things you should never say to a call girl.

I have been asked all of the questions, and here is my take on some of them.

10. When someone asks me what my real name is, like Tracy Quan- I think stalker, and they are nosy.

9. When I am asked how much I earn I think they are rude, a pimp, or an inspector.

8. Is my best friend a call girl- I think nosy.

7. I've never paid for sex- sometimes I believe this, and am aware that the person is feeling guilty. In other cases I think he wants me to think he is a good guy.

6. Do you hate men- I think they are trying to stereotype me.

5. Does your family know everything about you- again I think they are crossing the line.

4. Your'e very articulate-trying to stereotype, an expectation that I should be some gibbering airhead.

3. You don't look like a call girl- I am thinking because my dress sense doesn't scream hooker.

Clearly, there are questions that I am asked by some regular clients, that I have a different response to as a different relationship has developed.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

It is not a case of being a hooker or not

Today Tracy Quan explains what the half hooker economy is. The so called semi pros, versus the hard core, real hookers.

It feels like the whole naming and defining debate to me, all over again.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sorry tales from guys hooked on hookers

Just finished reading this article, about guys not getting hooked on hookers.

It reminded me of an old escort friend of mine . She met a client who asked her to leave the industry, and he paid her a huge chunk of cash every month. Set her up in a plush pad in a very expensive part of town, and paid all her other expenses. All that he asked, was that she was available when he was in town, which was only a few times a year.

Well, this wasn't enough for my escort girlfriend. She chose to carry on working, and he discovered her ad in a mag. He challenged her, but he chose to continue to support her, and did so, until she left the industry.Clearly, he was not short of cash, but he could have chosen to spend it elsewhere.

The guys in the article seem to have got a raw deal, and don't sound like happy bunnies.

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