Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sorry tales from guys hooked on hookers

Just finished reading this article, about guys not getting hooked on hookers.

It reminded me of an old escort friend of mine . She met a client who asked her to leave the industry, and he paid her a huge chunk of cash every month. Set her up in a plush pad in a very expensive part of town, and paid all her other expenses. All that he asked, was that she was available when he was in town, which was only a few times a year.

Well, this wasn't enough for my escort girlfriend. She chose to carry on working, and he discovered her ad in a mag. He challenged her, but he chose to continue to support her, and did so, until she left the industry.Clearly, he was not short of cash, but he could have chosen to spend it elsewhere.

The guys in the article seem to have got a raw deal, and don't sound like happy bunnies.

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Dammit Nia, I never met anyone who wanted to 'take me away from all of this'... the ones I meet want to do other things :)

The ones I meet expect me to just give up, offer me nothing, and want to spend my life with them.
I have heard a similar story of a man who offered a contract to an escort to be available exclusively to him. Like your friend though Nia she was greedy and chose to work on the side. He too found out - but unlike your story did not continue to support her.

I am sure though Sarah and Nia that there is a sugar daddy just round the corner waiting for each of you.

It is why I buy a lottery ticket each week!!!

B xx
That is not a bad thing. I am happy for that girl. I wish more men would keep their word like that. I had someone support me for 2 years and then stop, which forced me to go back and then he basically said marry me or i am off. Yet at the same time he moved away and had lied about getting a divorce. I wish i had a guy like this.
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