Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Punternet, Harriet Harman and Arnold Scharwzenegger

I was reading the paper on the way back from work, and came across an article that
Harriet Harman is urging Schwarzenegger to 'terminate' prostitute website.

The website is Punternet where escorts are listed on the database, and where you can find reviews.

The Labour deputy leader told delegates at the Labour conference: "There is now a website… where pimps put women on sale for sex and then men who've had sex with them put their comments online. It is PunterNet and fuels the demand for prostitutes."

Harman said the site was based in California but had "pages and pages" of women for sale in London.

"I've raised it with the US ambassador to London and I've called on California's governor, Arnie Schwarzenegger, to close it down."

Harman said it should not be difficult for the star to "terminate PunterNet".

"And I've got news for him: if he doesn't, I'll be back," she quipped

So G, watch out you could be terminated.

Update Galahad's open letter to Harriet Harman

Galahad's press release

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The problem when people do not care about anything other than themselves and their won fame/wallet /whatever, is that the little people go unnoticed.

PN is great in that it helps us ladies to advertise, and it raises awareness that some ladies choose to work of their own free will, but between the websites advertising the sex industry and the heavy handed approach of Ms Harman, I fear the traffickers and the pimps are in a safer position now than they ever were.

Thank you for your comments. I wonder how all this will help the women out there who are enslaved.
Harriet doesn't realize that the US is not the UK and free speech is enshrined in our Constitution and PunterNet and all the other advertising websites are protected from attacks of the Harriets of the world.

Added to that the appeal is going to the wrong party, Arnold has no power to close PN or even bring more than rhetorical pressure on the website, as it would be the attorney general who has the power to initiate a criminal proceeding, which would be what it would take to shut it down.

As with Craig's List, an AG can use the courts to harass a website into some conformity since litigation is expensive, but what political benefit does a California AG get from closing a website aimed at the UK?
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