Saturday, April 04, 2009

Internet and phone privacy to end in Britain on Monday

Emails, web visits, and mobile phone calls for every person in Britain, will be monitored and stored for a year from Monday.

This Black London escort will go back to snail mail now, and the contents of my emails will change dramatically. I think internet cafes will have an increase in business from Monday. From now on anything private will have to be discussed face to face, with family, friends and clients.

I wonder whether this new law will transform the way some clients communicate with escorts via email or phone?

These are changing times.

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We have NEVER had privacy. Mobile phones and the Internet took away whatever privacy we had. If a Government organisation want to read your e-mails, they will! I had a friend working for the Government, and she was able to look at everything in my home PC, even jump into my IM conversations any time she wanted. If you are high profile, it may be an issue, but ordinary plebs like us need to worry. After all, who's really interested in us?
"the new retention powers will not permit the storage of the content of emails or phone calls it will show details such as IP addresses, date, time and user telephone numbers"

If you use internet cafes and have a pay as you go phone without a contract then you are still anonymous I think.

B xx
How was it that such legislation was able to be passed?!!

I wonder if this directive will be implemented on visitors...

Thank you for your comments. I guess they are bringing out into the open then.


Thank you for your comments. You know that is how I will operate from tomorrow. My phone has always been PAYG.


Thank you for your comments. Well, it seems that the legislation was passed despite the outcry from civil rights groups.

As to whether the directive will be implemented on visitors, your guess is as good as mine.
My work mobile is PAYGO but my personal mobile is on contract. I am not happy at the thought of being spied upon, but what can you do?
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