Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowed in

I woke up this morning thinking that I could get to work. I have just come back from the tube station, and no lines are running. I have just called my boss, and she was amazed that I tried to get to work. She laughed at me, and said that I should not have bothered. Well, as it is not the first time it has snowed in London, I imagined public transport would be working.

Wouldn't you?

I wonder what the gritters were doing last night, as they clearly have not been out where I live.

Apparently if the weather is the same tomorrow, no work for me.My boss has told me she does not expect me at work tomorrow either. So, today and tomorrow will be DVD days.

I just wish I had not got up so early today.

Stay tucked in.

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We knew about this snowfall days before it happened, yet no gritter wagons turned out in the Leeds area that I know of......

What I find weird is that despite the bad weather warnings, and the snow that did fall, the roads by me were clear, and there were no traffic jams. I am thinking it is probably because most people expected the worst and stayed at home.
I have found driving these past two days to be an absolute pleasure

Ah, but sometimes it's good to get up early and then realize you don't have to work and make the most out of your day off.

Like when you wake up naturally, shower, get to the breakfast table, and then see the clock and realize you woke up for no reason 3 hours before your alarm was supposed to ring... and feel like a perfect dumbass, but can go about doing things you want.
(yeah, I did that a few times. and I felt like a dumbass. When I was a teenager, I once started to prepare breakfast for my family as I usually did and went out to catch my school-bus. It was winter so I didn't realize because it was supposed to be dark. When I noticed there was not a single car on the street, I looked at my watch and it was 3AM. Now that's really way to early to get up for nothing...)
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