Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ashley Dupre interview with Diane Sawyer

This scandal with Eliot Spitzer could not have been easy for Ashley Dupre. I am struck by how young Ashley Dupre is, twenty two years old.

I can see that Diane Sawyer is struggling to understand how and why Ashley Dupre became an escort. This is a line that some women will never cross.

I think that there are some women who start off by saying that, but life being what it is, some women find themselves making choices they never believed they could.

Who would have imagined a governor who was also a prosecutor, would use an escort service, in a state where prostituion is illegal?

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He did it because he's a man Nia...PMSL He only stopped doing it because he got found out, or he would still be doing it today, and I reckon he will wait until the furore dies down and do it again.
I felt sorry for his wife. She looked tired.
Not the girl's fault. If it hadn't been her it would have been with someone else.

S x

Thank you for your comments. I know Ashley has made money selling her stories. However at 22, I would not want my face on national news, with this story. I would not want this sort of media attention at all. I know she didn't ask for it.
Somewhere along the way Spitzer lost whatever good intentions he had. His pursuit of the Gambino syndicate was laudable, if not a little heavy-handed. I bet he watched The Untouchables more than a few times. His attack on white collar crime bore few results, for someone so intelligent he showed poor judgment, perhaps if he had been a little more thorough then the current Wall Street disaster wouldn't be so severe. Most people think that the rules that apply to others don't apply to them and that feeling tends to be amplified in intellectual supremacists, (like Spitzer), particularly if they happen to come from privileged backgrounds.
As for Dupre, she is hardly the type of girl to avoid media attention, her claims that she came from a poor and abusive background are bull, she is your typical attention seeker so the Sawyer interview must be like manna from Heaven for her - this is the same girl who appeared underage on girls gone wild with a stolen drivers licence and then tried to sue the company for $10mn.
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