Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nia dark and lovely two year blogging anniversary

It is two years since I started blogging today. I don't blog as much as I did when I started,as I do not have as much time to read other blogs, as I used to. Some of you have emailed and expressed your disappointment around this, but life has taken over, and I am doing what I can
Most of my inspiration comes from other blogs, and news on the internet.

I have several new returning visitors, who have signed up for my blog via email.

I have 323 posts, and 1724 comments to date.

The majority of my readers are from the UK, followed by the USA, Canada, Italy and France.

There have been 250,000 unique visits to my blog to date.

Thank you ,to all the bloggers who have linked to my blog posts, and blog in the two years.

Thank you all for reading.

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No... thank YOU for blogging. You gave me the inspiration to blog because you showed me that blogging from a sex industry perspective was not all about what you had done this week, whom you had seen and what colour your nails were

You made a refreshing change, and I welcomed it.

Don't you dare stop woman!

I think you are THE best sex industry blogger. For me, your blog is the benchmark for all sex worker blogs to be judged by ..

Why? Because you made me think outside of the box.

S x x
Correction... and one more visit, well two actually!
Happy anniversary! I've enjoyed your blog these past two years :-)
Happy belated birthday Nia! :-)

Livvy xxx
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