Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Messageboards,punters,escorts and pot shots

I went away for a few days, as you know. I got a call from a friend this afternoon alerting me to a nasty post on Punternet about me.

Some individual who calls him or herself Rockenroll, and claims to have seen me in 2005, had this to say

The pictures are fake (and not even of the same person). She is a nice person and gives a good service, but is a long way from the pictures.

I don't know who this individual is. I have worked as an escort since 2005, and have an internet presence. I am aware that anyone who has a presence on the internet, can expect someone to say something about them, at some point.

This person needs to get his or her facts straight. I have several reviews on Punternet by multiple reviewers, who are respected.

Surely if I was using fake pictures, they would have pointed this out, right?

It would be really useful for me to know whose photos RockenRoll believes I am using. I posess the CDs and prints for all my photoshoots, and do not have a twin.

I have shared my views on messageboard dynamics, and the things that some individuals will do. As I said before, some of these people have deep rooted issues, and by attacking others, they get some sense of gratification and recognition.My view is that some members of these boards have a strong need to control and dominate, and bring their unresolved issues of omnipotence, onto messageboards, and start acting out.

I no longer read messageboards regularly ,as I am bored with the content. I do not have the time or energy to engage with individuals who suffer from delusions of grandeur.

As Peridot Ash points out, there will always be people on messageboards who will flame escorts.

Escorts have to be careful what they say, or they attract the wrong types. It only takes one totally insecure, fucked-up prick out there, name and location unknown to the “community,” who would love to teach an uppity bitch whore who says something he doesn’t agree with on a message board a nice little lesson in person. And she’d never know if it was jerkoff69 or Schlongbooger or DaddyButtFuck or whoever from the message board.

An escort friend who had a high profile, and has retired this year, had a false review written about her. She could not figure out who had written the review, and years after the review was posted, it became clear that the reviewer was another escort. Yes, another escort, who was a close friend of hers. The site owner removed the review.This is a cut throat business.

Rockenroll could be another escort, for all I know.

As Jenny de Milo points out Selling your sisters out = bad. Times are tough for some escorts out there, the credit crunch has hit them hard, and some escorts feel that there is not enough room for everyone to eat. This is the nature of the industry, and some escorts will hit out at others, who they believe are threatening their business. Or they get their pimps to do it for them.

This can be a very dangerous business and there are very angry men who have very serious issues with women who gravitate towards it.

Okay, so this guy or girl says that I have fake photos.

How have I survived in this business with fake photos for four years?

I have some clients and regulars who have found me via Punternet, but that is not where I get the bulk of my work from.

This guy or girl, wrote me a mediocre review a number of years ago in 2005, and strangely enough I got a lot of work on the back of that review. Some clients chose to come and see me out of idle curiousity,some thought the review was bollocks, and others liked my rebuttal.

The reality is that most clients do not read messageboards or reviews, so as an escort do not despair. It is hard for newbies to take this on board, but in time you will realise, that work comes in from various sources, and most people who will book you, make up their own minds.

There will always be sad bastards out there, but there are good guys too.

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Oh wow!

Don't get me started!

They say desperate times call for desperate measures don't they? I think we will be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing as the credit crunch goes on.

On this site where you saw the message I see reports written about girls which are so blatantly obviously written by themselves about themselves.

One girl even adopted the tactic of writing negative reports on other girls in her immediate area, to follow on with a glowing report on herself!

This is a woman with 70 odd or so reports on the stats board!

You would not believe it.

The negative reports were all written about girls with no websites of course... girls who would not even read them so therefore there would be no comeback.

I don't think so.

I see girls bitch about each other, each other's photo galleries, and men joining in. It is a dog eat dog world, and I am glad I do not participate on that message board for I would surely be banned by now for constantly objecting to the nastiness.

Your photos are lovely, and I can endorse them since I know you.

Sarah x x
The fact is that you are in a business where there are many unethical or stupid customers and rivals.

The punter may just have meant that he did not find you as attractive as he had expected based on the photographs he had seen.

So he is a jerk. Get over it. He will not be the last one.

Thank you for your comments. Yup this kind of bullshit is part and parcel of this industry.

I believe your tale about the escort on the stats board.


Thank you for stopping by. The issue for me is not about whether I am attractive or not.

The idiot is accusing me of using photos that do not belong to me, ie bait and switch.

That is outrageous, as he was not at the studio when my photos were taken.

I would still like to know who it is he believes I am impersonating.

The punter said the photos are fake and not of my friend. There is no mistaking his/her intent, and that was to totally discredit her.
The punter is just being childish and he is put out because when he met the lady, she did not match the images he had formed in his mind based on the photos he had seen.

If his intent was to totally discredit her, why did he say that she was nice and gave good service, when he could have said she was useless?

Anyway, you can't have it all ways. The purpose of carefully edited studio photos is to present an alluring image and to attract clients, not to present passport photographs for ease of indentification.

Thank you for stopping by. The punter has an agenda.

I have text on my site that states if you are not happy with what you see, you can leave within ten minutes.

Why didn't he vote with his feet, if he felt he had been duped?????????

His intent is to discredit me by accusing me of using photos that do not belong to me. He is labelling me as a bait and switch escort.

I don't know how you cannot see, that such a malicious remark would not discredit me.

What is interesting is that other punters who have reviewed me, and have a lot more reviews than this individual, have not said I have fake photos.

You do the math.
Easy answer Anon. He said she was nice and gave good service to add
credibility to his/her lies about the fake photos.

Sorry this has happened to you Nia. As Sarah says it is one part of this industry. I can't understand why another would want to put another lady down. What they get out of it is beyond. As any sane client will see through them.

It's part of this job i hate. Now adays i try to stay away form the message boards. What happened to helping each other out and sticking together?

You live and learn. By the way i love your blog.

Selina (a fellow escort)

Thank you for stopping by.When I see the stuff that happens out there, I wonder.

Sadly there are a lot of nutcases, and bitches in this industry.

I am a strong believer in karma, and what goes around comes around, at some point.

This idiot has been holding a grudge since 2005, whoever he or she is.

Yup, whatever happened to sticking together.

It is a dog eat dog world in this industry.
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