Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nia dark and Lovely feeling up today

You all know about my hard times at work. Well, I have been applying for jobs, and went for an interview last week.

I have a mega problem with nerves at interviews, and start shaking, and twitching. It is incredible. The last interview I went to, I was penalised because of my nervousness. They could not understand how someone with my level of experience could be so nervous. I don't drink or do drugs, so can't take something to calm me down, beforehand.

What is strange, is when I was younger I took the lead in plays, and sang in clubs, and was not nervous then.

Anyway, I went for this interview last week, and part of the interview was a written test. I could do it on the computer or write it manually. I was given a nightmare scenario, and then asked to respond to it. I said that I would respond to it on the computer. As soon as I put my fingers on the keyboard, my hands started shaking like I had Parkinsons disease. The woman who had taken me into the room was so startled, she put her hand on my shoulder. I was so embarassed. I told her I would write my response manually, and as she left I calmed down. I had twenty minutes in which to do it, and completed the task in a quarter of the time.

I was then whisked away to another building for the panel interview. The chair of the panel was friendly, and joked with me. My nerves disappeared, which is a first for me. I got a good vibe from the rest of the panel. I felt I could answer all the questions fully. I was aware that when I told one of the panel about my work, that she was holding back the tears. I work at the high end in my industry.

I walked away pleased with my performance, even if I was not offered the job.

I was offered the job today. They said they were very impressed with my performance. I can vary the start date, as I want to get my fat ass onto some sandy beach with palm trees, and white sands before the end of the year. They were okay with this, and said that I was such a good candidate, I could choose whenever I wanted to start, as they were willing to wait. It has done wonders for my self esteem. I will still be working within my field, but in a new area. It will look great on my CV.

What this means is that I will have less time for escorting. My availability will be evenings and weekends, no more weekday appointments, when I start. The exception will be regulars who book in advance for overdays or overnights, in which case I will skive .

My plan is to keep my other job, as I can combine the two. The reason why I am hanging onto the other job, is that I am hoping for a redundancy package.

Big thanks to Mr Quality/performance management for the pep talk before my interview. You know who you are.

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Congratulations, Nia! I just experienced a redundancy ( I'm still trying the British slang). It's difficult to find a job here because tourism has slowed down tremendously. I did an interview today and have one next week. I get nervous as well and glad to see someone else with the same trait be successful in their endeavours.
I've been at both sides of the interview process.

Once, at an interview for a university place, I dried completely through nerves so I understand the shaking. I spilled water all over the place too and the glass rattled against my teeth when I tried to drink.

I was unsuccessful LOL

As an interviewer I preferred some nerves; as long as they were controlled. I found it difficult to empathise with those who had too relaxed a manner; were they so unbothered that the interview was no great shakes to them?

I always took the view that nerves showed that the thought th inetrview important and that their ability to face up to those nerves at least showed some courage and a willingness to handle stress.

Without the nerves I wouldn't have been able to assess that as well.

Just my take on it.........and congratulations Nia.

Grumpy Old Man
Thank you Lovelyliz. Good luck with your interviews.Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Some interviewers are okay with nervousness, and some not.


Thank you. I have been at both sides of the interview process too. I am sensitive to interviewees who are nervous.

I am amazed when I am interviewing at how some people are so relaxed, and confident. I admire them.
Don't you wonder that the relaxed manner could be merely insensitivity Nia?

Grumpy Old Man
I remember failing my driving test twice because of nerves. My legs shook so much I could not do the 'hill start' manoeuvre, and was failed both times.
The third time it happened again; my left leg shook so much it was as if it had a mind of it's own, and the instructor must have recognised it as nerves. He passed me.
I was so pleased I gave him a hug !

I always thought that they were so relaxed, because they were very confident. I think you may have a point.


When I did my driving test, my hands shook. I forgot to put the handbrake down, did a hill start, and rolled down the hill. Are you getting the picture,lol?
Thank you Chevalier.
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