Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Plot thickens

The drama queen that I mentioned in paying for the consequences ,is on a disciplinary. For those of you who may be confused about how I work, I work for more than one organisation. I offer my services to a number of organisations, so could be considered a bit like a tart.

Anyway, when drama queeen was called in for a disciplinary, by the powers that be, he hit the roof. He was furious that I had spoken to them.

Hellooooooo, that is my job.

Did the idiot really, really, really expect me to turn a blind eye to his bad practice?

He has been forced to change his ways, and there is a part of me that is angry that it has taken the disciplinary for him to do this.

I spoke to him several times before, and gave him an opportunity to do so, but he was headstrong, arrogant, and thought he could make a quick buck.

I was scheduled to meet him this week, but he cancelled our meeting last week, as he wants to avoid facing me. He will have to meet with me at some point.

There are a number of issues that I have with this idiot, and they are around integrity, and honesty, and I do not think that I want to work with him any longer. As I feel that I cannot trust him again.

I definitely need a holiday.

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A man at my place of work is on a disciplinary for denying someone a meal break because he decided in his wisdom that the person was lazy and did not deserve to have their break which they were fully entitled to by law.......

I have only been there since January this year, and do not work with this person, but I have been told, he is not a nice man to work with/for, and quite unpopular. According to someone 'in the know' he has now scuppered his chances of further promotion within this company, and will not progress.

It is a shame that people do things like this to themselves. Ordinarily this man works hard and puts in extra unpaid hours.. ( apparently that is what you have to do to get noticed around here)..none of this will matter because he has shown what he is really like.. you cannot take the law into your own hands no matter how much it needs enforcing.
I also know the guy who had his break denied, and he is lazy, but the rules are there to protect everyone.

Your drama queen guy will know exactly who is to blame here is my guess !

That is outrageous, denying a member of staff a break.He clearly thought he would get away with it. What are some people on?
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