Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nia dark and lovely breathes a huge sigh of relief

You know that I was feeling gutted and devastated yesterday. Well, after Mr Techie left yesterday, I had a splitting headache, and could not believe what happened. So I went onto google, to find out if anyone had been in a similar situation. Good old google.

I found a forum where someone could not find their harddrive on a laptop similar to mine, and it was attached to the floppy drive, but hidden behind it.

I have an aspect to my personality that sometimes will not give up, until I am certain, or find a solution. Unfortunately, that aspect of my personality does not kick in at all times.

I called Mr Techie last night,and told him what I had read on the forum. He did not believe me, and asked me to send him the link to the forum.He then sent me an email saying he would come back again today. He came round today, and lo and behold I was damn right. He was very embarassed and apologetic. There is something quite strange about me pointing out to a computer expert where the hard drive is, and being right about it.

I paid him again, as this is his job, and he is self employed. So in total he got six hours work out of me, and he is not cheap, but I got my data back.

Yup, I have it all back, fantastic!

I have saved everything on a memory stick already, I did it right away. I hope I can do this consistently.

Back up, back up, back up at all times.

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I am impressed!
I'm glad to hear this!

I sometimes work well under pressure,lol.


Thanks I am glad too. Hopefully never again.

advice from a mutual friend. Memory sticks are good, but burn everything on to one or two CDs just to be sure. Keep one of them at home and the other somewhere else equally safe. You can lose a memory stick quite easily. Imagine if you have it in your handbag and leave the bag on the tube.............

S x x x
Thanks Sarah, will do.

There is a computer teacher I know that instructs all his students to google for information before giving up. I am glad you got all your data. A+ for the detective work.
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