Monday, May 19, 2008

Music and associations with clients

Beau sent me this lovely pic, which is so appropriate for this blog. Thanks Beau.

I was sitting in a cafe today, and a track came on by Santana. Whenever I hear that track, I can't stop thinking about Jacques. The track was something we always danced to ,whenever I saw him. I binned him, a while ago, but wonder how he is whenever I hear the track.

Dark Temptress has been added to my sidebar, pay her a visit. Have a good week.

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Sometimes I like music although WGs rarely play it.

One, who I binned LOL, used always to have something on to disguise any noise. Once, she played "Keane's" "Under The Iron Sea" and it just seemed to trigger something within us both. It became a regular sound when I saw her LOL.

It is, to me anyway, a particularly sensual album and, unfortunately, I associate that album with her.

Another time a girl had on Beethoven's "Pastoral" symphony. That was lovely as it just seemed to help the flow; so I think music can be a big enhancer........and that piece now has sweet associations.

I think it depends on the scene, the people involved and your mood on the day.

.......and to closely associate any music with a particular experience can colour your view of that music too.

Grumpy Old Man
Hmmmm... yes Nia, I was a recipient of that pic he is such a tart!

Talking of binning clients... this is something I do regularly.

If married men don't get it at home they come and see someone like you or I. Occasionally the reason for the sex drying up at home home manifests itself in my bedroom too and I can concur with 'The Wife' on this one and they get binned.

Another reason for binning clients is when I find out they have been talking about me with working girls I do not know. I do not mind banter among close friends, but I draw the line when I find a client has information on me told to him by a girl I have never had anything to do with.

Binning clients is a way of protecting my sanity.

Thank you for your comments. I love to play music during a booking.It sets the mood for me.


Thanks for the comments. I can sometimes identify with the wives, too. It is important to protect your sanity in this business.
I'm surprised there wasn't some negotiation going on in the cartoon, trying to get the 83c down would be more realistic.
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