Friday, April 04, 2008

Widow sues escorts over husband's death

A widow whose husband had a heart attack during sex with two prostitutes is suing the women for £1.1million.
The wealthy businessman, 38, had paid £2,000 for a kinky Christmas treat at a brothel.
He asked for electric shocks from a sex toy and the bill included ecstasy tablets and three bottles of champagne.

This is one of my worst fears. A client dying on me. I have some clients who take Viagra, and have heart conditions. I also have seen clients who mix Viagra with Cocaine, and it worries me.

If a client were to die on me, what happens to confidentiality?

Who would he like me to call in an emergency?

Is this a question that I need to ask all my clients at the start of a booking?

It is a tricky situation.

Reading this article takes it to another level altogether,as the widow is blaming the escorts for the husband's death.

Who is responsible?

Maybe I need to take a medical history from some of my clients, as I don't want my ass sued.

Have a good weekend.

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Ultimately it is the guy's responsibility Nia. You cannot vet everything about him; his health; whether he can afford you; his emotional ability to handle paid for sex etc etc.

Where would you stop?

So I don't think you have to ask.

However, if you become aware that a client is taking undue risks with their health then maybe you should consider stopping seeing them since it could affect you and them.

An analogy is this; would you get in a car with someone who you knew had been drinking too much?

........but you wouldn't ask every driver how much they had been drinking.

At the end of the day, who you see or don't see is your shout Nia.

I would imagine it's not always easy.
This is a tricky one Nia. Surely there is a 'duty of care' which should be applied no matter what you are doing, whether it be going on a fairground ride, or visiting a hospital or.. as in his case, seeing prostitutes?

If they encouraged him knowing he was ill then they are at fault and should be taken to task for their lack of care. If they failed to recognise that he was becoming ill, then this has to be misadventure?

If they were also taking drugs with him, then how would they know anything?

Moving slightly on, but staying on topic; if I was with a client and he became ill for any reason, be it an allergy to viagra, or simply that it was all to much for him, I wuld have no hesitation in calling 999.
The fact that I am a prostitute is irrelevant.

I don't blame the wife for doing this, but she may find she is opening Pandora's box and in doing so, she will find out what her errant spouse had been getting up to and not like it one bit.

Sarah x

Thank you for your comments. I agree with you. This man had an opportunity not to take the drugs.

I can see how the vetting would become complicated. At the same time I don't want a dead client on my hands.

I think choosing not to see clients who take risks with their health, is my best option.

I have to confess I have got into cars with people who have drank too much. However, that was in my teens. I wouldn't do it now.

Thank you for your comments.You raise some important points. It is tricky.

Yes, duty of care. I agree if he asked for the drugs, and they knew he had a heart condition, then they have to pay for the consequences.

However, I feel he behaved irresponsibly, and is an adult. The drugs were not forced on him.

I have issues with escorts who provide clients with drugs anyway. You are right, if they were off their heads, that is another matter.

If a client collapsed on me, or became ill, I would do whatever was necessary. I cannot imagine just leaving him on his own. However, this is my worst nightmare.

The wife needs to know that in the courts his life will be an open book.
Ooooh that's a scary one Nia! I've yet to see any clients who I know do drugs ('know' being the operative part of that) but I've certainly seen one with heart problems and a good few who might be of an age to retire disgracefully. Food for thought...

Livvy xxx

Thank you for your comments. Definitely food for thought, but then you have a good lawyer,right?

Having (at an advanced age) just scored an LLB, I see this as an exam question! Client dies on you! Horror! Check his pockets - does he carry any ID when he "goes visiting"? I don't! I leave everything except the fee in the car!

Duty of Care? Well, this isn't a contractual matter is it? So only a duty in tort? If there is a duty it is a very thin one indeed.

Do you want to have a card printed with "government health warnings" about drinking & driving, drugging & driving, shagging & drugging, and a few other permutations?

Didn't the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris pass away while, as his spokesman put it, "visiting a parishioner"? "His eminence, although raised to an exalted position, had still remained a simple parish priest at heart, and so remained in contact with people of all walks of life...."!!
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