Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Walk and talk accidents

I was in the gym this morning, and was suprised to hear about the number of accidents that happen as a result of people sending text messages. Most of the accidents are people walking into lamposts or bollards, or car accidents while they are sending texts.

A friend of mine has been in three car accidents, and in each case it was women on the phone, who drove into him. I find this alarming.

I left the gym this morning, and was on my way home, and a client sent me a text confirming a booking. I was crossing the road, did not look left or right, and clearly had not taken in what I had heard on the radio. A car screeched in front of me, and I was embarassed.

I have read some stuff on forums where clients go and see escorts, and the client is mid stroke, while the escort takes a phone call.

These women have bottle is all I can say. How they can have a conversation with someone else while they are having sex, and feel that it is acceptable is interesting.

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Takeing a call in mid-stroke.
Multi Taskking.
Soo jealous at women who can do that...

How would you feel as a client, if an escort took a call while you were mid stroke, are you okay with that?????
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