Friday, December 21, 2007

Escort client blacklist challenged in Canada

I have my view on naming and shaming which I have talked about here.

The confidentiality issue is tricky which is demonstrated here.

Some clients in Canada are challenging a website that has their details on it, as bad clients.

They claim the information on the site is false.

Can anyone tell me which client in their right mind, will admit to bad behaviour ie stealing from an escort, raping an escort, or physically assaulting an escort?

There is a possibility that an escort could lie about this, but I have not come across any, in the entire time that I have been escorting.

What do you think?

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For WGs safety you have to have some kind of network and some kind of namimg and shaming, I would have thought.

Otherwise "bad clients" could go through the girls without challenge.

As a client, I've been lucky and haven't had nasty experinces; one or two questionable ones LOL but not bad enough to go public on.

If I did I would name and shame.
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