Sunday, April 27, 2008


I got a phone call from a friend at midday today, telling me that a mutual friend had been taken ill abroad. He had gone travelling for a few months, developed an illness, his lungs collapsed, and had a heart attack yesterday. My friend P was in his mid forties.

I have just had a call telling me that he has just died. I can't believe it.

Sending you my love and thoughts P, it was great knowing you. You gave sunshine to a lot of people. I will never forget you. You always brought a smile to my face, and I wish you well on your journey.

God Bless.


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunch with Beau

I have just come back from lunch with Beau.

He had asked me to guess what his handle was on the Punternet Messageboard, and I guessed it right away from his writing style, so he promised to buy me lunch when he was next in London.

As I mentioned here Beau and I have a unique relationship,as I have never been in this situation with any of my clients. He was a client, and we both decided because of our friendship not to have sex together. As we both normally would not sleep with our friends. The friendship that I have with Beau has evolved, and we are able to share our feelings about life, our families, friends, backgrounds and all that stuff, and we are in contact several times a week. He is such a warm, kind, compassionate, sensitive man.

I never took Beau's blog seriously, and thought that he wrote it for fun, and didn't believe for a minute that he was interested in BDSM. There was no hint of it in our meeting, and he never discussed it, and then I saw his blog, but thought it was fun. That was until Beau started to recount some salacious stories, that got me thinking . I realised that he was serious. BDSM is not my thing at all, I am as vanilla as you can get, and Beau loves to wind me up about this, which is funny. I refer to him as Master Beau, and he refers to me as Vaniaa. He has educated me, and I have more insight into his fetish.

We met for lunch, but Beau wanted to take me to Waterstones to show me a book before lunch. You all know I cannot go into a bookshop without buying a book. I had no idea what Beau wanted to show me . Surprise surprise, a BDSM book that had been banned in the sixties.

We had a great lunch, with the people on both sides of our table leaning back to listen to Beau's salacious stories. Thanks for lunch and the chocolates Beau.

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Friday, April 18, 2008


I have just discovered that my neighbours are moving out, they need a bigger property for their kids. They are great. I can only think of two occasions in eight years, when I had to tell them to keep the noise down. I can remember when I moved in, M(my neighbour) would knock on my door as I came in from work, and offer me dinner. I was shocked, but touched. I can cook for myself, and those of you who know me, know that I am well fed. My fat ass says it all, but I guess M didn't think so.

She was concerned, as I was single and had been working. She did this for a week, until I told her it was not necessary. They are from the Middle East, and it is part of their culture. I have met their parents, cousins, extended family you name it. They have met my family and friends too. They helped me out, when ex stalker boyfriend tried to break my door down, very embarassing. M's husband would tell me to leave my rubbish out, so that he could take it out to the bins for me. He told me that he was like my brother, and that if I ever needed anything I should say so.

I felt safe knowing they were next door.

I am sad to see them go, and am worried that I may have to live with noisy neighbours again. I don't know how I will cope if this is the case. My home is my sanctuary.

Have a great weekend.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Between me, you and the bedpost a selling point in the Escort industry

I read this article in the Guardian last week, that raises some interesting points about why some people are interested in how many partners we have slept with.

I had a few ex partners who asked me this question, before I became an escort. I told them the truth, and wish I hadn't. As they all expected the number to be two or less. The study in the article shows that lots of people lie when asked this question. Interesting that some of the respondents in the survey didn't mind being asked the question, but were not prepared to answer it.

I can draw a parallel in the escort industry with clients who want to know how many clients an escort has in a given day. My view on this is, they are trying to establish whether the escort is a conveyor belt.

Some escorts go to great pains to advertise that they only see one client a day. I think that this can be seen as a good marketing strategy. Some clients believe them.


The reality is ,that there are a number of escorts out there who claim to see one client a day, to their clients, but the reality is different when they discuss this among escort friends. They tell their clients what they want to hear.

I find the question offensive, as I believe the only person who has the right to ask me that question is a pimp or escort agency manager.

A friend of mine runs an escort agency, and gave one of her girls a booking. The escort rang the client to say that she was running late. The client asked her why, and she told him that she was coming from another booking. The client cancelled the booking. My friend flipped. She told the escort never to tell clients that she had just come from a booking.

I am not suggesting that there are not escorts out there who only see one client a day, however I believe they are in a minority.

Some clients care, and some don't who tend to be realistic, in my view.

I guess it is all part of the fantasy, that some want an escort to be exclusive. Whatever exclusive means in the escort industry.


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Friday, April 04, 2008

Widow sues escorts over husband's death

A widow whose husband had a heart attack during sex with two prostitutes is suing the women for £1.1million.
The wealthy businessman, 38, had paid £2,000 for a kinky Christmas treat at a brothel.
He asked for electric shocks from a sex toy and the bill included ecstasy tablets and three bottles of champagne.

This is one of my worst fears. A client dying on me. I have some clients who take Viagra, and have heart conditions. I also have seen clients who mix Viagra with Cocaine, and it worries me.

If a client were to die on me, what happens to confidentiality?

Who would he like me to call in an emergency?

Is this a question that I need to ask all my clients at the start of a booking?

It is a tricky situation.

Reading this article takes it to another level altogether,as the widow is blaming the escorts for the husband's death.

Who is responsible?

Maybe I need to take a medical history from some of my clients, as I don't want my ass sued.

Have a good weekend.

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