Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Is predicting that something will be good or bad, necessarily an indication that it will be good or bad

I am guilty of making predictions, at times. It could be the way a client talks to me on the phone, that I find offputting, and then decide not to meet them.

The types of questions they ask, and the way in which they ask the questions, gives me an indication that we are not compatible. I tend to follow my instinct in most cases, and sometimes I take risks. Occasionally, I have met clients who do not have a good phone manner, who I am able to connect with.

I know clients who have booked escorts who have multiple reviews which are all positive, and the experience has been very different for them. I guess they book the escort on the basis of the reviews, assuming she will be amazing, and this is not necessarily the case.

I communicate with a number of people online, and wonder, when we do meet, whether they will be anything like their online persona. In most cases, there is a difference. Occasionally a client will make contact, and give me a list of people who he has seen, that I can contact, to do a check on him. I do not feel the need to do this, as I usually have met the escorts they have seen, who are usually women who I trust and respect. Sometimes a friend has said they got on really well with X, who is someone I have met, but did not have the same experience with, and vice versa. I am aware that we respond to each individual in different ways .

However, I met Mr Swot a few months ago, and just had a feeling that he would be someone I would get on with.He and I had made contact, via one of the sites, that I am a member of. The one thing that appealed to me, about him, was his sense of humour, and his ability to take the piss with me, in a sensitive way.I tend to be slightly nervous when I meet someone for the first time, but for some strange reason, I was not with Mr Swot. Looking back, I was so relaxed, maybe too relaxed. He was such a warm person, and his face, was so sweet, actually I cannot actually use the word that I want to,as he feels that it would ruin his reputation if I did.He is one of the men that I predicted would be okay, and he was more than okay. We shared a bit about our backgrounds, and I could see, that this was a man who could get in touch with his emotions. I am a sucker for men who have a sense of humour, and are able to show emotion.

So should there be a scale to measure actuality against expectation?

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

They say things happen in threes

Welcome to my blog. This is my second attempt at writing, and I am going to try to stick to it now.

It has been a strange week. A friend lost a sibling to suicide, and she is devastated as you can imagine. What can you say?

Suicide is one of the most complicated forms of grief,for those who are left behind, who are left constantly asking why it happened, and looking at all the ways in which they could have prevented it from happening.

For anyone out there who is in this situation there is a support group, which is really useful that I discovered.

The Survivors of suicide bereavment support group.

Here is some further reading for those of you who are interested, if you can stomach it!

The suicidal mind by Edwin Shneidman

It is an academic text but very useful.

The rest of my week has been spent trying to dodge dog poo, and I have not found it amusing. Why is it that the dog owners, cannot pick up after their dogs??????

Have a great week.

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