Saturday, January 16, 2010

More of the same why men use prostitutes

I read this article on why men use prostitutes yesterday. I wonder what is new about any of the findings.

I can only speak about my own experience of clients, and what I have picked up from escort friends. Most of my clients don't tell me that they feel guilty,awful, dirty after a booking. There are a few who have talked about their guilt at length. Some will argue that I am not representative of most of the women in the industry.

What I found interesting in the article, is the man who said he would feel cheated, if he knew an escort was enjoying herself. The flip side of the men who say that escorts are too professional.

Or the men who want you to come.

The findings show that most of these men claim that they would stop visiting prostitutes if the new law was enforced, but believe there would be more rapes.

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