Saturday, January 16, 2010

More of the same why men use prostitutes

I read this article on why men use prostitutes yesterday. I wonder what is new about any of the findings.

I can only speak about my own experience of clients, and what I have picked up from escort friends. Most of my clients don't tell me that they feel guilty,awful, dirty after a booking. There are a few who have talked about their guilt at length. Some will argue that I am not representative of most of the women in the industry.

What I found interesting in the article, is the man who said he would feel cheated, if he knew an escort was enjoying herself. The flip side of the men who say that escorts are too professional.

Or the men who want you to come.

The findings show that most of these men claim that they would stop visiting prostitutes if the new law was enforced, but believe there would be more rapes.

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The thing about this constant debate directed at prostitution is that there is never any stereotype, because we are all different and we all have little nuances special to ourselves, whether we are a service provider or a service seeker.
The people who have never seen or been a prostitute are usually the ones who shout the loudest about it, when they actually know bugger all, or they have watched Belle de Jour or some other such rubbish on the telly, and are now very learned on the subject, or perhaps they have seen a film where prostitutes get attacked by a sex crazed maniac, and throw a little of that into the mix, and say we all deserve to rot in hell.

People say I am not like other ladies they visit, and they would be entirely right because I am nothing like anyone else in the world.

You cannot put us all in the same basket and label us.

If we were removed from the face of the earth, there would be others to take our place overnight.
It's here to stay and always will be, Wherever there is a need.

I have never had a client who said he felt dirty or awful after he has seen me, but a fair few feel terribly guilty because if everything was right 'at home' then they would not be seeing me in the first place.

For some clients we will never win, no matter what we do, but isn't life like this anyway?

For any debate on prostitution to be in any way enlightening there has to be tolerance and understanding on both sides of the fence. I find the worst bigotry comes from those involved in the industry actually!

Happy New Year. I guess the media need to have sterostypes.

I have to agree with your clients, there is noone out there like you that I have met yet,lol.

I think new escorts, and escorts who have issues with self esteem, don't realise that with some clients you can never win.

I have not read the messageboards in over seven months, so have no idea what those in the industry are saying these days. I lost interest in what was on there.
Well, it seems to me that there is "the industry" V HH, or Julie Bindel, or whoever decides to take an uneducated swipe at it. Both sides refuse to even bend a little towards the other, and then of course there are women writing books on the subject glamorising what we do, when there is actually nothing glamorous about us at all.

I respect prostitutes for what I feel they represent: strong willed, business savvy women who take charge of their sexuality and use the mastery of their sexuality for financial advancement.
btw...I'm a woman and I'd totally "entertain" a woman for hire.
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