Friday, September 11, 2009

Men who visit prostitutes and performance

I just came across this article on sexual healing, by a man who is hooked on prostitutes.

What surprised me, was that he could not perform with his girlfriend. I wonder whether it is because he is used to different things from prostitutes, that she cannot provide.

I find it sad, and I guess that is why he has written to an agony aunt.

My understanding is that most of my clients can perform with their wives, it seems that they either want variety, or their wives are not up for it in the way that they are.

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When we realize that our ability to perform sexually is a reflection of our values and attitude toward others rather than just "biology," it can be a frightening awareness. But, we can turn fear into opportunity if we are willing to grown and mature as human beings. And, such growth can improve our sex life. I've certainly had to re-evaluate my attitudes lately and the sexual benefits have been impressive. If that young fellow makes an effort, maybe he will benefit too.
Thanks for stopping by, and giving your perspective. This young fellow sounds like he wants to try to be different. I hope things change for him.
I got the impression that he has become so used to 'paid for' sex that it has probably made him lazy.

With his girlfriend, it is a two way thing, whereas with the 'paid for' stuff he can be as selfish as he likes.

What a shame. It has probably spoiled him. What a fool not to realise that his girlfriend has sex with him because she wants to, and that with the best sex comes love, no matter how basic it may be, and that is the best sex you will ever have in the whole of your life.

S x

Thanks for your comments.I agree with his girlfriend it can't all be about him. I wonder whether it ever worked with girlfriends?

Interestng point you make that his girlfriend has sex with him because she wants to.

So maybe some of the prossies don't want to have sex with him, but they sure want his money,lol.
Hi Nia - got here from a link from Sarah. And I've gotta echo her comment... my favorite parts of intimacy with my husband are often when we're being silly or even dorky in the middle of sex and there is a sort of psychological nakedness that (IMO) is even more intimate and intense than physical nakedness.

I think that 'paid for sex' can provide that to a limited degree - after all, part of what the client is paying for is the opportunity to be less than amazing and be accepted and even cherished (somewhat) anyway. But I can't see how it would be reciprocated; it just seems like it would be unprofessional.

Then again, maybe I'm weird and just incredibly lucky that I found a husband who likes dorky sex as much as I do! :D

Thank you for stopping by.The psychological nakedness I think is not something that I believe most clients see,IMO. That is reserved for other relationships.

However some escorts argue that they have no boundaries, and their clients see everything.
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