Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching up

I am so sorry I haven't blogged in ages. Life has taken over, and I don't have the time to blog in the way that I used to.

My new job is really demanding. I have just come back from a two day conference in Manchester. A number of friends have come to London, and stayed with me. So, I have played tour guide, a number of times which I hate.

Thanks for all your emails saying how much you miss my blog posts.

I haven't read any of the message boards, or other industry blogs for ages, and it has felt great. I have a lot of catching up to do, clearing my inbox is a task in itself.

I still escort,but am very part time. It is a case of synchronising diaries with clients.

So A, I will see you when I see you ,don't worry.


Hello Nia,
I'm new to this kind of blogging, in fact, new to the escort scene as well. You have a very unique perspective on the lifestyle, and you contribute with your blog in a way that no one else does. So, I hope you continue to add posts. I particularly like your political views.
Good to see you back. I'm selfish because I want to see more posts but I know how busy you are these days x
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