Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Decide how much you want to pay

I like this restaurant in Farringdon's concept of leaving it to diners to decide how much they want to pay.

I am not sure how much I would pay though, and actually prefer to be given a price, for fear of paying too little.

I think it could be open to abuse, though.

I wonder whether any London escort will go down this route?

It is bad enough having to deal with all the hagglers and men who quibble about prices, in the escort industry. Something that I had to deal with when I first started escorting.

I can see it now, an escort who is offering all services ie no holes barred, and lets the client decide how much he wants to pay. The client walks away without paying a penny.

Some escorts are willing to try anything to get more business, good luck to them.

I will go to this restaurant in Farringdon, and give you feedback on my meal.

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It is such a shame when people have to wrack their brains and come up with ideas like this in order to stay in business.

Personally I think he should check out his competitors and stay in line with them. To undercut is suicide for all really, but then what do I know... I'm just a working girl!
I would disagree.
Or at least from a more general point of view, not necessarily on the escort or hospitality businesses.

It has become quite common in the music industry, and while you indeed can moan about the money you *don't* make because of all the people downloading your music for free, you can definitely enjoy the return on (non-)investment you made by a definite increase in popularity and an extending customer base. Reports of copyright organizations and music majors are completely messed up and focus on what they loose, hence would like you to believe that they're *loosing* millions.
And I do not only talk about illegal downloading here. Lots of bands actually offer their music for free online whether it's only a few singles to attract you (for instance as it used to be the case on MySpace.com), or complete albums (Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails did this, and they definitely got their money worth!).

However, I would definitely not recommend my girlfriend to try this approach... I am sure there are *some* decent people who would actually pay her, and maybe pay her a decent amount of money for the services she offers. But I can see a big percentage of them not doing it, or being obviously very cheap. And then even giving her bad reviews to *justify* the money they gave out: by diminishing her publicly, they would claim that she was not worth it. And then you can see the obvious difficulties for independent escorts: you already have to struggle with reviews, and these would now have even more power as they would define how much clients would pay.

It's OK for a restaurant, I'm pretty sure it will work. It's like restaurants where a bell rings everytime you tip of if your tip is above a limit considered "generous". It sort of encourages you to tip, and it encourages the staff to really do their best.

In escorting... I don't know. With decent and honest clients, that would probably forge this kind of synergy. You would do you best as a service provider, and the client won't be too lazy and recognize your worth. But it's just too risky with the lots of them.

That could work for regulars, are if you are in really high-end escorting circles. It won't work in lower levels of the ladder, you'd get ripped off all the time, whereas wig shots just wouldn't care most of the time, and some really generous "donations" would cover the cheap ones. (well, except if you think like the music majors: only about what you *could have* earned, and not what you really earned).

Interesting idea though, will definitely chat with G. about that, curious to see her laugh at me for bringing that up.
(she likes your blog Nia, btw. She used to work in London at some time, it brings her good and bad memories back)
Oh my goodness...I would think this would lead to huge burn out for the escort and great resentment. NOT a good idea in my book.
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