Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nia dark and lovely as the new girl

This is my second week at my new job, and I started by hitting the ground running.

On my first day, my boss took me round to meet other staff that I would come into contact with. I met over forty people, and it felt overwhelming, and everything seemed like such a blur at the end of the day. God knows how I am going to remember all their names. The next few days consisted of attending, meeting after meeting. One thing that I dislike about my job, is the number of meetings I have to attend on a regular basis, where most of my colleagues have huge egos, and spend their time trying to throw their weight around. One of the meetings got so heated, everyone was talking over each other, the Chair was shouting to get everyone in order. It was amusing, but draining, as the meeting was for two hours.

My boss seems okay, but who knows she may change like mad boss. I am used to working in large teams, but right now the team consists of my boss and I, which concerns me. If and when I fall out with her, I have noone to go to for support. The good thing about my job, is I only see her once a week.

I am still adjusting to getting up at six am every morning, and being at my desk at eight, while most of you are still in bed.

I still have my other job, which I am juggling at the moment, hoping to get my redundancy.

What this means is I have less time for escorting, which is now limited to evenings and weekends.

No rest for the wicked.

In this current financial climate, I am grateful that I have a job, and someone wants to employ me.

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