Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The spirit of the man, yes we can!

I have just watched the brilliant election coverage on BBC news with David Dimbleby.

I never believed that I would ever see a Black president of America in my lifetime.

I was fearful that there would be vote rigging, and foul play, but my trust has been restored.

I am so emotional. The impact that this will have on the psyche of some Black people who have no role models is amazing. I think the impact that it will have on Black people in general will be powerful.

I am so inspired, and astonished, by the way Barack Obama was able to mobilise the people.His consistency and discipline throughout his campaign was phenomenal.

This is such a historic moment, and I thank Barack Obama for renewing my hope, and the hope of lots of other people.

I wish his grandmother, mother,father and Martin Luther King Jr were alive to witness this historical moment.

It is a new day , and thank you for making that change.

Big thanks to everyone who voted Democrat.

God Bless you Barack Obama, and God Bless America.

I have two hours sleep before I head off to my meeting, that is if I wake up. My phone is now off, as the international phone calls are streaming in.

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Way to go Nia!
*Hugs Sarah, kisses Sarah, dances round the room with Sarah in joy*
I am glad to share this joy! Finally, a reason to be glad to be American :)

On another note - looks like I'll cross the pond again this year, and would love to catch up :)

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