Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Patiently waiting for change

I am caught up in Obama mania at the moment, and nothing else matters.

Hoping and praying that Obama wins this election.

This week, I have had conversations,debates with total strangers on the tube, on the street, in the shops, about change in the US.

I am blogging from a coffee bar at the moment, and am caught in a debate before I head to work.

I am going to be up all night waiting for history to be made tomorrow. Anxious and excited.

I wonder how I am going to make my business meeting on Wednesday morning.

My family have voted, and my relatives all over the world will be up all night, until the results come through.

Hoping and praying that a change will come.

Winks to Beau and Dragonfly.

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Thanks for the wink, love... I am too praying for change. He's a remarkable man who brings us all so much hope.

The world needs someting to give us all hope. I am crossing my fingers for Obama too
x x x x
It is a great day for me and my children! I have been telling my children that nothing is impossible if you work hard and it’s great to see someone that they can identify with that has made a mark in history and also someone that knows of my struggle and theirs.

In turn i hope that this day makes a difference to the people of the UK especially the children. So that they make better choices and realise that we can make other choices in life and still be successful outside of music.

This is not just a day for black people all over the world, but for all of us as people to seek change, fairness and equality.

I wish i was there to witness it. They should make this a public holiday in future for you people over there for all your hard work and to mark a momentus day in history. If Martin Luther King was alive now.
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