Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Credit crunch and its effects on the escort industry

Most of the articles that I have read since the start of the credit crunch on the escort industry, say that it has not been affected by the financial markets.Joan Wypijewski has an interesting article that has another perspective, on the sex economy going limp.

She talks about gauging the stock market by the Girlfriend and High end stripper Index, before the crunch.

She also points out how escort rates have been moving like the dow ticker. I have noticed that some escorts have dropped their rates in the past thirty days. Some have started to offer half hour appointments.

This Black London escort will not drop her rates.

Some escorts are like therapists, and how many men will give up the escort budget?

Will High end wives, girlfriends and escorts have to provide more for less in this climate?

Or are we all screwed?

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