Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baby doll talks

I read the article in the LA times about Jody Gibson's aka Babydoll disclosures. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

When Hollywood madam Jody "Babydol" Gibson was busted eight years ago, word that police had seized her list of celebrity clients stirred intense curiosity in Hollywood — and not a little worry.

The much-anticipated disclosure of famous names never occurred, however. The evidence presented to the jury that convicted Gibson in 2000 of operating an international prostitution ring included phone books and other records in which, prosecutors said, she listed her customers. But authorities blacked out the names in publicly available court records.

Now, their identities are entering the public domain.

Quotes from L.A's Madam "trick book" is unsealed by Chuck Philips of the LA times.

The safest thing for clients to do is to use an alias. However, that causes all sorts of complications as I have pointed out in my escort security post and and my verification post. In the USA the verification seems to be tighter as escorting is illegal.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Some Escorts fall in love with their clients. This is not something that I hear about, often. My understanding is, that it is a taboo, and escorts do not shout about it.

I see numerous threads on messageboards about clients falling in love with escorts; but rarely see anything about escorts falling in love with clients.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Meeting needs

I came across this article, and am so impressed. Times are changing.

It seems that some care homes and hospices as I mentioned here, are sensitive to client needs.

The Austrians, are moving with the times, and believe in listening to their clients. I have a hunch, they may have lost some staff if they did not do something,in this case.

It is the thought that counts,right?

An Austrian care home is allowing prostitutes to visit 70-year-old Andreas Haider to stop him roaming the corridors pestering female residents and staff for sex.

Quotes from Hookers at Home in the Daily Record.

Would you have thought that care homes would allow prostitutes to visit residents?

So for those of you who want some nookie, when you are over 70, this Austrian care home is the place to be.


My friend Joanne of Leeds has started blogging, pay her a visit.

Have a good week!

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Friday, February 23, 2007


David has a piece from the gospel,which surprised me, about treating prostitutes with dignity.

This truth exploded in his church and it began to experience revival. This revival flooded out of the church into the streets of Wales to the degree that the prostitutes began to attend prayer meetings and morning services.

People were inquiring as to why this was happening so they went and asked one particular prostitute why she was going to these meetings. She said that there were a couple of factors. One was that the business had but left. People were no longer visiting the streets and looking for prostitutes. But the most important factor she said was that for the first time people on the streets began to treat her with dignity and respect. She couldn’t deny something was going on and had to come see.

This woman had previously been vilified by the religious people who spat upon her and scorned her and she was used by the irreligious who objectified her and treated her like peace of meat. Not any more.

Quotes from treating prostitutes with dignity by Jolly Blogger.

Annie Lobert, a retired escort, has found religion. She is doing outreach work in Las Vegas, with sexworkers.She has plenty to do, with the size of the sex industry in Las Vegas.

Annie is on a mission, and hopes to start a school for prostitutes, similar to a
John school.

Read the article I-Team: Redemption sin city.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have just finished reading Why zebras don't get ulcers by Robert Sapolsky

It is a must read, for anyone who is familiar with stress. Robert Sapolosky is a professor of Biology and Neurology at Stanford University.

The book is not a light read, but explains in detail how stress can cause a number of problems eg changes in female reproductive cycles, loss of erection, heart disease,ulcers, loss of sleep and memory. The book is accessible and entertaining.

I found of particular interest the chapters on: what your body does to adapt to an acute stressor,how different personalities respond to stress, and the links between socioeconomic status and stress.

I had a boss from hell last year, and handed in my resignation, as I was so stressed out. It was a total wake up call, when I became ill.It was frightening realising that it was stress related. My doctor told me that I was fortunate to contact him when I did, as I would have had major complications.

I try to minimize the stress in my life as much as I can,now. Ideally, I would like to be stress free.

*dream on*

Escorting can be stressful, the timewaster phonecalls, and difficult clients that an escort can encounter.

Blueslady in her comments in the Responsible Reviewing post says

When I have seen clients who have been forceful to the point of making me gag or made my eyes water, or just made me darned uncomfortable, I have used the medium of ladies warning boards to inform others.

Of course we always have the other option of bringing the booking to an early finish and therefore indicating to said client that his behaviour is unacceptable, but usually one just puts up with it and watches the clock knowing there will not be a repeat performance.

The book mentions different levels of fear alert: concern, deep dread, severe apprehension, near crippling fright, and pants-shitting terror.

I depend on my intuition, to assess clients who contact me. If I have a feeling of concern or fear at the email or phone stage, we will not meet. If I have the same feelings when we meet, I have walked out.

As Blueslady points out, sometimes an escort is concerned when she is with a client, and she has a number of options. She needs to assess what is the best thing to do for her, when this happens.

Fortunately, when I walked into a situation that could have left me in the crippling fright stage, I was able to remove myself, in minutes. This is when I went on an Outcall, and discovered more than one person there.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Courses for Kerbcrawlers

Kerb crawlers in Ipswich could be sent on rehabilitation courses to get a glimpse of the realities of prostitution. This is in response to the Ipswich murders.

It is a different strategy,as most kerb crawlers, are named and shamed. The course has been successful in Dorset,Hampshire and Nottinghamshire.

I wait to see whether this strategy will have an effect on their behaviour.

One of the ideas being mooted following their killings in the hope of helping women off the streets is to send those caught kerb crawling on a programme known as the Change Course.

It looks at the reasons women are prostitutes and the abuse they face on the streets, as well as questioning men about their reasons for using sex workers.

The course has already had some success in Nottinghamshire, Dorset and Hampshire and Ipswich is considering adopting the programme, although discussions are said to be at a very early stage.

Quotes from Course may explain evils of prostitution by the Suffolk Evening Star.

I wonder what reasons these men will use, to explain their attendance on these courses, to their employers,friends and family.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Responsible Escort reviewing understand the consequences

I did my usual catch up on the message boards at the weekend. I came across a post that disturbed me, and raised a number of issues for me.

A client had left a review on an Escort agency website, indicating that he had slapped an escort. Fortunately, the review has been removed.

I have mixed feelings about reviews as I have pointed out here.

The post that I read at the weekend, demonstrates the harmful aspects of Escort reviews.

It is one thing, when a reviewer gives false information in reviews, and then an escort has difficulty convincing future clients that the information is false.

I think it is dangerous when a reviewer, indicates that he used force during a booking, and makes it clear that the escort protested, and stated that she would not see him again.

"She was not keen on X, but I blasted X ....., and made her cough and splutter."

These types of reviews can attract certain types of clients, and put some escorts lives in danger.

I catch up on the boards when I can, and do not read them daily. However, I think it is important to read the boards,for my own security, to identify clients I do not want to see. I understand that some clients will not disclose their handles, when they book an escort. However, there are some that do.

What I found reassuring from the post, was that there were a number of members who were outraged by that review. There are clients who will question the accuracy of these types of reviews, and there are also clients who will think it is okay to get the escort to do, what they have read. There are also a number of misogynists out there, who thrive on this sort of material.

I think that reviewers need to understand the consequences of what they write ,in escort reviews.

Sometimes, the Review boards, and Escort only boards, can help escorts avoid these types of clients. I feel it is irresponsible when Escort agencies, and Escort review boards publish these types of reviews.

In this case they were removed.

Do you think Reviewers have a responsibility?

Do you think that Review boards need to censor the types of reviews that are published?

Gillette has an interesting post on Boundaries,Choice and Responsibility.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Changes for sex workers in Delhi

It looks like things will change for sex workers in Delhi, as the general view is that most sex workers are victims of circumstance.

They are thinking of revising the laws to fine and imprison clients.

I wait to see if it will go through. I wonder whether this has been set in motion, because the police picked up a senior government official's daughter.

The government is planning to revise anti-prostitution laws drastically to provide for the imprisonment and fine for anyone caught with prostitutes and to drop provisions, which make soliciting a crime. The existing law provides for action only against prostitutes. The amendment, proposed by the department of women and child and awaiting cabinet clearance, provides for three-month imprisonment and a fine of Rs 20,000 for the patrons. The department has also proposed to do away with Sections 8 and 20 of the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA), which makes soliciting a punishable offence. The proposed change is being justified on the grounds that most sex workers are victims of circumstances. The perception that most engage in prostitution due to compulsions has also led the department to drop Section 20 of ITPA, which provides for the eviction of prostitutes. The punishment for traffickers, however, is proposed to be made stringent. Those convicted will face imprisonment upto 10 years and fined Rs 1 lakh. As in the case of the Money Laundering Act, the proposed law seeks to confiscate all the property of those guilty of trafficking. The existing law provides for confiscation of property above Rs 3 lakh. To control large scale human trafficking in the country, the new proposal talks about setting up a central nodal agency like a Central Narcotics Bureau.

Quotes from Vivek social research.


Thank you for adding me to your sidebar Miss No Full Service. I found you during my housekeeping this weekend.

Miss No full service has been added to my sidebar. She is a blogger from New York. Pay her a visit.

Have a good week!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting it right?

How can I find a prostitute who's not being exploited by a pimp, boyfriend or escort agency, who's disease-free, not an addict or a basket case, has made a conscious and informed choice to sell sex and is happy doing it?

I recently had my heart broken and I don't want another relationship just yet, but I want to fuck. I don't, however, want to go through the make-believe or outright deception usually required to pick up a one-night stand. All my female friends with potential for benefits are either in relationships or too afraid to complicate our friendship with sex, and I don't want to contribute to the exploitation of anyone, which I imagine is the case with almost all prostitutes on the street, online or in the Yellow Pages. The only option I can think of is a happy (and healthy) hooker. Does she exist? How do I find her? Are there any other options? HELP A RANDY DUDE

The more I answer questions like this, the more the “issues” that concern people about prostitution feel like a red herring. I mean, think about some of the other women you've slept with. If you held them up to the same light, honey, you wouldn't be getting laid for love or money. We want so much out of hookers (impeccable health, radiant sanity and dignified business standards, to name just three), yet we're not willing to offer them an atmosphere conducive to attaining these things. I challenge anyone to work at a job that's illegal (for all intents and purposes) and, as such, vilified and dangerous, and see if they don't want a good stiff drink or a toot on a crack pipe now and then. People in other jobs who face similar stresses are often given subsidized therapy, paid vacations and legal resources when they suffer abuse at work. Hookers? Nada. And still, when do you ever hear about an escort driving up to her agency, pulling out a rifle and pegging off her colleagues or clients? If you ask me, that's a fucking miracle.

suggest you look at the ads in the back of weeklies and online that have a personal touch to them, and ask the provider about her services while thinking of her as a businessperson, not as Typhoid Mary. I respect the fact that you want your experience to be good and you want to work with someone who wants to work with you. I'm just saying that you need to get a little perspective on the fact that sex work is work and, by virtue of that, has its pressures and pitfalls. It's important to be realistic about this venture. It is a business transaction, but there are many women who enjoy being good at sex and have little concern about using this skill as a form of employment. A hooker is happy when a client is courteous, appreciates her time and doesn't heap all kinds of ideological and ignorant shit on her head while she's giving him head.

Quotes from
Love Bites by Sasha

I think Sasha has given this man a thorough response. It is not illegal in the UK. Is it illegal in Canada?

What is your definition of a Happy escort?

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The power of the Blog

The more I read about blogs, the more I realise that some bloggers can make an impact.

They have an ability to affect the way some people run their businesses. A good example is Jeff Jarvis, and his experience with Dell, here.

Jeff, clearly has a presence on the Internet, and I believe he has a right to share what happened to him. I believe Jeff sharing his experience with others, prompted Dell to alter how they treat customers.

Then there can be repurcussions. Bloggers who write about their employers, who are discovered and then sacked. Rebecca Blood has an interesting piece about reaping what you sow.She talks about how some political bloggers have had to face the consequences here.

The Courtesan connection has two important posts about Security. He outlines how important it is to cover your tracks here and how to put it into action here. He encourages Providers who write blogs to consider making them invitation only.

Reading all these posts, reinforces the impact that blogging can have on a blogger's life,for me. As well as how a blogger can impact other lives, too.

It is hard for me to gauge who is reading my blog. Occasionally, I have readers contact me, who are not comfortable leaving comments on my blog, for various reasons, sharing how a post has impacted them.

Food for thought.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I used to have a photographic memory. I find that as I get older, I am not able to retain information, in the way that I used to.

Fortunately, it has not got to the point where I forget clients that I have seen before. I am sure they would not realise if I did. I have never forgotten birthday's of friends and family, that are close to me either. I suppose, when that happens,it will be problematic.

A study has found that Folic acid boosts minds of over 5os.

For those of you that are in relationships, have a Happy Valentine's day!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kiss my Fat Ass!

I read about this at the weekend, and admire Tyra Banks for making this statement.The fat police are on her case, and I think they need their heads examined.

The media took snipes at her in her swimsuit, and she did not retreat, and start dieting. No, Tyra has more to her than that, she stood up to them. She went on her show and confronted her critics with this Bank Statement.

The You tube clip leaves out the Kiss my Fat Ass at the end, so if you want to see the effect on her audience, view the clip on Tyra's show

You go Tyra!

You can also read Tyra and the Fat Police by Rachel Johnson of the Times and Banks bites back by Barbara Ellen of the Observer.

Fortunately my weight is not something that I lose sleep over. It is something that I have become more aware of since I started escorting.

My mother can be described as petite and is a UK size 8. I think she needs to put on weight. She was a 10 at her heaviest, and a size 6, at her smallest. She has made references to my weight throughout my life, but it has not had any effect whatsoever. She does look good, and is one of those people who could eat six meals a day, and not put on an ounce.She is blessed with a high metabolic rate. Life is so unfair!

Whenever I go home I get lots of mixed messages. That I would look great if I lost some weight, but in the same breath she tells me to eat more than I do, and wants to cook a whole range of food for me. Then I get the lecture about how important it is to be healthy, and eat properly. Then when I do lose weight, I am told that I should not lose anymore. Anyway, I take no notice of her, and as I say it has not affected me. So all those theories about parents affecting the way children think about themselves, did not work on me.

As an escort there is a lot of focus on how you look. It is constant. I believe you can get consumed by this, and start obsessing. I do not think it is healthy.

For those escorts who work all day, every day, who answer their own phones, it can be difficult. If you get a string of callers enquiring about your weight,stats, body mass index etc, it can take its toll on you. This is where I believe a recorded message comes in as very handy,to deal with the stats clients.

I know three high profile escorts in the UK, who have each had negative reviews, criticising their weight. What is sad, is that all these women have multiple reviews that are positive. However, the single negative reviews, have impacted on them. One, went on a crash diet after the review, and became ill. Another is constantly having nips and tucks, to the point where there is nothing to nip and tuck anymore.She was a top model. The third escort, has low self esteem, and cannot hold onto all the positive things that have been said about her. I think these three women look gorgeous, but sadly they feel differently about themselves.

If there are any escorts out there who are reading this, who have these issues there is something I want to say to you.

There is a market for everybody. Size zero escort,BBW or anywhere in between.

Yes, there are a number of clients who are only interested in your stats, and how much you weigh. However, some clients may also book you because of your rate, skin colour, sense of humour,personality, location, or just the fact that their mouse hit your site and bingo!

We do make money from how we look, but I do not feel it is necessary to incarcerate yourself about it.

As Tyra says, some women have died trying to be thin, and in my view it is not worth it.

You can never be everyone's cup of tea.If clients do not like it, they can vote with their feet.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Why should the Duke be any different?

I read this article yesterday, and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Why should the Duke be any different?

WHILE 900 courageous Territorial Army heroes put their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan their multi-billionaire boss is home revelling in seedy sex with a procession of vice girls.

A News of the World investigation exposes The Duke of Westminster— Britain's richest man, Prince Charles' best friend, full-blown major-general and married dad of four—as a serial cheat and user of £750-an-hour hookers.

HIRED four prostitutes over the last six weeks to party at his posh West End mews house.

RISKED blackmail and security scandal by revealing his name and Army connections to the girls.

BRAGGED he knew how to find al-Qaeda boss Osama bin Laden.

HAGGLED with one prostitute for a discount despite being worth an incredible £6.6 billion.

DEMANDED sex without condoms—while bemoaning the fact his men have to be regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Quotes from Disgrace to our heroes from News of the World.

What puzzles me is that did each of the escorts in the article, sell their stories to the paper?

Or were the paper keeping watch outside the Duke's house, for the week?

Or were the agency that the girls worked for, in on it?

This looks like an intrusion of privacy to me.It seems that if you have a position in public office, your life is controlled by the public.

Will the Duke be disciplined, as his conduct may risk offending others?

When will people realise that sex drive is a powerful thing, that cannot be controlled?


Thank you for adding me to your sidebar, Gillette. I noticed this weekend, as I was doing my housekeeping.I am sorry I took a while to put your link up. It is flattering when I find myself on a site that I like.

Ex Courtesan in transition has been added to my sidebar, please pay her a visit.

Have a good week!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Spelling it out and expectations

I can recall a new client grilling me over the phone about my education. It was amusing as he was booking me for an hour, and wanted to know what I had studied.

Would we discuss my educational achievements for the hour?

We met for an hourly booking, and then I saw him again for a dinner date a few weeks later.

I guess the shorter booking was to gauge whether I would be appropriate for a longer date. It turns out that we had similar interests in books,films, and had worked in the same industry!

I think that some clients expect escorts to be mind readers. They have expectations that they do not make clear.

I had a conversation at the end of a booking with another client, about some personal issues. He was aware of my background,outside of escorting,and wanted some advice. so I told him what I thought.

The booking was extended. What he said was most important for him, was the conversation that we had that day. He felt that he was able to offload,and find some solutions.

I had no idea that this is what he needed, when he booked me. He did not spell it out, and would not, given his circumstances.

Everything came pouring out at the end, and I was able to offer him a space to offload.

Some men, go to escorts for this sort of experience. What they do not understand, is that we all have our strengths.

You can pick up some information via email, phone conversations, or reviews,about an escort. The rest you have to leave to chance.

If you want an escort to be a bimbo make it clear at the start. In that way you will not be disappointed if she does not fit the bill.

The problem is, when things are unsatisfying, some clients tend to believe that it is all the escort's fault. Chevalier has an excellent point here

So . . . if/when one's encounters in the hobby are unsatisfying . . . look within, not without. Something for everyone to remember -- and I'm certainly included; don't always do as well at this as I could/should.

What it takes by Chevalier.

I have had a record number of visits to my blog, from visitors in search of Faria Alam. I hope my new readers take a look at all the bloggers on my sidebar, who have some interesting tales to tell.

Have a good weekend.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The walls have ears

I sometimes take calls from clients, when I am at work. It depends on how busy a day I have.

I leave my phone on silent while I am at work. I have my own office, so do not have to worry about a colleague listening in.

A few weeks ago, during lunch, everyone had left the building. I did not realise that one of my colleagues was on his way back into the building. I had my office window open, and was talking to one of my escort friends about the business.

I am not sure what part of my conversation my colleague may have heard. He has not approached me, and I doubt he will. There is nothing in his behaviour, that indicates that he knows something.

It is too late, if he did hear the conversation. I will just wait and see if he talks to anyone, because that is something that will cause a stir.

I have decided I will cross that bridge when I come to it. The thing is, that I doubt any of my colleagues would believe him.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Decision Making

Occasionally a client will ask me when I started working.

I know this is important for some people.

Does the length of service affect the type of experience you think you will receive?

What are you looking for when you ask this question?

Young and fresh, or old, cynical and burned out.

Is it clear cut?

I wonder whether some men target newbies, as they feel they are amateur, and can take advantage of them.

Can we draw any links?

The few escorts that I have met and know ,that are successful, have been around for a number of years. However, I have read about some newbies, who are successful,too.

Does length of service influence the decision making process for you?

Similar to clients making decisions based on; how many clients escorts claim, they see a week. My view is that in most cases, you will be told what you want to hear.

Is it all about perception?

Is this one of the reasons why some escorts reinvent themselves, with multiple websites?

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Putting it on plastic and getting hooked in Philly

I knew this went on, but have never seen it in print.This is how some people choose to run their businesses.

I believe this is a slippery slope.

What you do is offer the girl a $250 tip after you've done your business. This is how you let her know what you're looking for and that you can pay for it. She won't come out and tell you that she's holding at first; she'll hint that for $250 extra, you'll be a happy man. Thirty of the $250 is an actual gratuity on the fuck; the other $220 buys you an eight ball of high-quality powder coke. Sure, that's expensive, even for good blow, but you haven't heard the best part. Seriously, this is going to fucking kill you:

The whole thing goes on your credit card.

PAID ADVERTISEMENT That's right: powder on plastic. She takes your card, puts it on this portable hand processor she carts around in her purse, places a carbon credit form over top and gives it a swipe. Then, she plugs it into the nearest phone jack and calls in your card to make sure it's good. Thirty days later, your statement comes back with a transaction from the discreetly named "Ludlow Clinic." It's the kind of name that might not raise too many eyebrows on an expense report. If you're a convention-goer, you might be able to talk your wife out of her concerns by assuring her of a late-night stop at an out-of-town pharmacy

Here's some simple arithmetic: $220 x 4 = $880 in one night. Maybe that much blow will last you a couple of days, but it doesn't take too long to burn down a $10,000 line of credit. And that's just the coke.

Once you've factored in all the fucks and tips, you're looking at some major financial damage. In fact, by the end of that ugly and out-of-control month and a half, John calls his favorite girl over and asks her for the standard $220 eight ball on arrival (it's out in the open by this point). She runs his card through her little doodad then says the words he had hoped never to hear:

"It's denied, baby."

A flash of anger. "Fucking run it again."

One could say that cocaine and hookers are a classic combination. For a certain kind of man, they're like dinner and a movie, a regular staple of the entertainment diet. When you add credit to the equation, though, you add an unpredictable variable that a lot of guys can't control.

This is not one of those drugs that active users have an easy time walking away from at the end of the night. If there's more space on your credit card, and there's a naked woman dangling a baggy full of blow in your face and telling you to keep going, you're going to keep going.

So, what is this Ludlow Clinic that allegedly dispatches out-call girls with shoulder bags packed full of eight balls and credit card scanners to horny cokeheads in Center City? Is it part of a larger operation that supplies coke and hookers citywide? Are there similar operations working right now in other cities around the country?

The out-call girl with credit card capacity is old news, as are call girls who sell cocaine on the job. It was just a matter of time until escort services got ballsy enough to do both.

A little Web research reveals that the Ludlow Clinic is a storied Center City massage parlor that closes and reopens under a different name with every new Vice Squad crackdown. The oldest reference to it online is in this paper in an August 1995 article titled "No Mo' Hos." It detailed District Attorney Lynne Abraham's crackdown on brothels after the high-profile shuttering of a legendary Sansom Street brothel called Bella Feminina. In the story, an employee of what was then called the Gentleman's Retreat at 1800 Ludlow declined to comment on what went on there, but it was common knowledge that they offered a little more than the massage service they advertised.

What we have here is a long-established prostitution provider that may be paving the way for Philadelphia-area escort services with what is a larger, recent shift in the escort business model. The Ludlow Clinic is simply keeping step with the current nationwide convergence between escort services and drug delivery.

In an interview with the Independent News of Pensacola, one of the ring's prostitutes reported, "They pressure you to do illegal actions, things against your own beliefs. There was violence. There was drugs. People would call just for drugs. They'd say, 'Are you a party girl?' and pay the escort fee, just to get drugs."

Quotes from the Transaction by Jeff Deeney of the Philadelphia City Paper.

It is outrageous that these agencies pressure the girls to do this. I wonder why some of these girls do not leave these agencies, and work elsewhere.

I am aware that some agencies ask their girls whether they party, but my understanding was if the girl does not, she will not be penalised for it. Yes, it is a fact that escorts make more money on those types of bookings.

I think visiting clients who take drugs is one thing, as I have mentioned here. Selling the drugs to the clients is a different matter altogether.

Is serving time for this worth it?

So, is this a new business model?

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Monday, February 05, 2007


I went into my local newsagent yesterday morning, to get my Sunday paper. I noticed a group of teenagers, blocking the paper rack, reading the papers. I wondered what had caught their interest.I bought my paper. I looked over their shoulders and saw that,The News of the World had outed Faria Alam.

FA SEX scandal secretary Faria Alam is a secret £8,000-a-night hooker, a News of the World investigation can reveal.

"I am pretty good at what I do," she promised as she greedily watched wads of £20 notes being counted out for her in a luxury apartment in London's Mayfair.

The busty Bangladeshi had demanded so much money she had difficulty stuffing it all into her cream designer handbag.

She then spread herself across the bed and offered our man a range of the kind of sordid "party tricks" she had played on her most famous conquest, former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson.

But she made the mistake of contacting a News of the World undercover man she believed to be a fixer who arranged prostitutes for wealthy businessmen in London.

They agreed to meet in a busy restaurant. As Faria ate curry at the Bombay Brasserie in south Kensington, the sultry former PA chatted about her famous friends
Then Faria tried to justify what she was doing — claiming that all women secretly wanted to be hookers.

"Let me tell you something — most women, if they could get away with it, they would do it," she said. "I know most people would.

"If they could get a way around it where nobody could find out, they wouldn't say anything. It's trusting, that's the thing."

Quotes from the article I love Spanking from the News of the World.

I read the article, and watched the clips, and my stomach was turning. I was suprised that she was working as an escort. I do not know why, but I just was.

I wonder why Faria believed this man was a fixer.I imagine with her rates,and reputation, she relied on word of mouth to get clients. It looks like she was set up.

If you watch the clips, one guy leaves, and another one comes in. It looks pretty fishy to me. The reporter pays her, and then says he has changed his mind.

What a price to pay to be featured on the front page of a tabloid on Sunday.

I cannot imagine what Faria must be feeling like today. The paper mentioned that she said she would do anything to become famous.

I have a hunch that this is not the sort of publicity she was after. I cannot imagine the conversation she has had to have with her family as a result of this.

Have a good week.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Payback enforcement

Glengarry and James B left some interesting comments on yesterday's post.There are two things that stood out for me in their comments.

G says

"Every time I see a Mercedes S-class drive by, I see all of those stacks of 20 dollar bills I handed over in my many years of doing it. That's about what I wasted. I sure could use the money now!"

James B says

"Quite honestly, I don't give a damn if I never see another pussy again. And, yes, I want my money back too. These women have exploited our weaknesses long enough. Pay back time! "

I imagine that G feels the way I do when I spent a ridiculous amount on a handbag, and realise that I could have spent the money on a holiday in the tropics. For the record I am not a handbag queen. This has only happened on two occasions.

I can identify with James B. I think when I go back to being a civilian, I will have difficulty explaining to my male partner, that I have had loads of sex, and do not need loads more.

I wonder how James expects escorts to payback their clients? I am struggling with James B's use of the word exploitation. Men who use escorts have urges and needs that they want to be met. No if's buts or maybe's.

Can we call the escorts who meet these needs, women who are skilled in exploitation of men?

*runs for cover*

I have added The Diary of an English Courtesan to my sidebar. Pay her a visit.

Have a good weekend.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why do Bloggers stop blogging?

I have just finished reading Six Years of Grace: Caregiving Episodes with My Mother

I would recommend it, and it will be added to my list of favourite books. Jennifer Sokol left a Carmelite monastery in Seattle, to take care of her mother after she had a stroke. Jennifer explores her relationship with her mother in her final days. It is inspirational, moving,amazing and sad; reading what she went through.

Her ability to be there for her mother round the clock is, remarkable. The moments that they share are, touching.Jennifer is able to draw on her faith, during the difficult times, and what is present between them feels sacred.

This was a tearjerker book for me, but it also had some funny parts. It was scary reading it, as my mother is over 65, and I could not imagine her being in the same situation. Jennifer's love for her mother grew stronger day by day, which is how I feel about my mother.

Glengarry Leads

I had expressed my sadness at the possibility of Glengarry Leads stopping blogging here.

I discovered yesterday that Glengarry has decided to stop blogging altogether. He feels he has no more to say. I enjoyed his blog, and he was one of my favourite reads. I have only been a part of the blogosphere for three months, but within that time I have formed relationships with some bloggers.

It feels weird, but I do feel a sense of community with some people. This is my first experience of losing a fellow blogger on the blogosphere, and I am sad. Glengarry had a lot to say, I believe. I respect his decision to stop.

I imagine that bloggers stop blogging for a variety of reasons. Most of us blog in our spare time, and if that time is no longer available, then you cannot blog.

I imagine that if bloggers are harassed by snoops, that can be another reason to stop blogging. I hope that Glengarry has not had to stop blogging because of harassment from readers.

Here is an article on stopping blogging by Giles Turnbull.

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