Thursday, November 23, 2006

Escort security

I got an email the other day, which may have been genuine. Someone wanted to book me for a friend to cheer him up. It was an Outcall.

Well, nice thought, but I would need to verify the person that I was visiting.

How would I do that if it was a surprise?

So the answer was no. If I am unable to screen a client, then I am not taking the booking.

It reminded me of an Outcall that I went on last year. I did my screening, and set off, it was an early morning call on a Sunday morning. I get there, and walk into the living room, and, wait for this, there are three guys there! Not one, not two, but three! I asked the guy who booked me why the other guys were there, and he claimed they wanted to watch. Yeah, right!

The client paid me my fee,which I left on the table. I said I needed to let my cab know, how long I would be, and I was out of there.

Fortunately, there are a number of people who know where I am when I see clients, and who will call me, or call the police if I do not check in with them by a certain time.

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Security must be a major issue for all escorts and most have their own careful ways of operating to avoid problems as much as possible.

Many avoid visiting private homes - but I guess three men in a hotel suite could be equally theatening.

Have you often felt to be in potential danger Nia?

For most of the escorts I have met if we have discussed this issue few have mentioned any serious problems.

I have often not felt in potential danger.

The only other time, when I felt anxious was going to see someone who had severe mental health problems. I did not know this from the phone conversation, but it was clear when I got there.

I think I have been fortunate, but then my screening process is rigorous. There will always be people who get through the net.

I know a number of escorts who have been attacked, and they seem to be on the increase in London this year.
If escort attacks are on the increase that is very worrying.

Take care Nia.

B xx
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