Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Article

For those of you who are interested Julia O'Connell Davidson has an article on trafficking online.

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I'm afraid my accademic background is not in Sociology and I always find sociological papers heavy going. Often it can be opinion and even prejudice dressed up as accademic research through the use of big words and references. I'm often unsure of what the truth criteria are for sociological statements.

That said she makes some interesting points and I agree with her aim of trying to see some of the issues about trafficking within the larger context of migration to wealthy countries from poorer ones.

I don't think the paper hangs together well as a logical argument but I have only read it once, and quickly at that.

I disagree with her argument about demand for sex having to be created. Demand for Pepsi may be socially created but demand for drink is not. Demand for "Giggles" brothel may be socially created but demand for sex is not.

I also don't agree that traffickers believe that exploitation of disavantaged ethnic groups is justifiable because of their own racist attitudes. I think they do it because they are evil, greedy bastards.
Its funny, I have a friend who lives in the United Arab Emirates, which is supposed to be a notorious human trafficking city (as far as prostitution goes). Many eastern European girls are in Dubai selling themselves each night as certain bars

However, my friend happens to know a lot of the "victims". A lot of the "trafficking" is done by girls accomodating their friends and family members who are desperate to find their way in so THEY can also earn $200,000 (dollars) + per year working 2 hours a night. The locals "in the know" can see through the spin. Prostituion has long been part of that city's culture (even though that city is less than 30 years old). Everyone in it comes from somewhere else.
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