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Policies and Procedures with a Black London escort

What a beautiful day it is today. If only it were a bit warmer.

I do not understand why men call up and say they want details. I raised this issue last year on the Punternet message board which is now defunct.

What response do you want?

I can appreciate that the response will vary with each individual.

Most of the information that I am asked for, is already on my website.

What is the thinking behind calling and asking for questions that are already on my website?

I have heard all the arguments for this.

Some men say they just had a quick glance at the site, and took down the number. They want to sound you out over the telephone. They want to know what to expect. Well that is covered in the reviews fully, and if you do not see what you are looking for, then take it, that it is not available.

I had a conversation with someone a while ago. He was unable to elicit a certain type of response from me. The conversation went along these lines.

"Do you Provide X?"
"Yup." I do not but was onto him.
"Do you see men who are Black,Asian or Oriental?"
"Yes." I wonder whether he is all three.
"Can I be rough with you?"
"Yup" Of course not, I am just playing along.
" I am 6ft 9in and well endowed, is that a problem?"
"No, all my boyfriends have been larger than you."

Surprise, surprise, the conversation ended suddenly. I think my last response rattled his concept of himself.

I am aware that there are genuine callers out there, wankers and timewasters. Yes, this all goes with the territory. I am not opposed to answering questions; however there are some questions that I will not answer. The details questions is one of them, and anyone who asks this question will be referred to my website.

I know some escorts have receptionists,or an answering service to deal with these types of callers.I think it is a good idea, and weeds out the timewasters, however I tend to like to know who I am talking to. I think the details question may be appropriate in a parlour, that may not have a site, where you can enquire who is working, stats, what is and is not provided.

Teela sanders

in her book says that " escorts start from a position of distrust until proven otherwise.She also mentions that an escort decides whether a client is genuine or not based on the information she observes or can further acquire."

There is a whole section on picking clients and she says that "escorts test their clients on the telephone.To leave the impression that they are trustworthy, callers must display a range of qualities in the initial telephone conversation. A straightforward approach, asking for an appointment without going into detail of the service or the price, is considered a genuine request. Polite language and a respectful tone suggest the caller is safe enough to move on to another stage."

I agree with all her points. This is my perspective based on my experiences. I do answer some questions, but definitely not the details question.

There is a discussion about this on the Punterlink forum for those of you who want to read more.

I do not seem to be the only one who has a problem with the way some clients ask me questions. I agree with Compartment's methods.

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I have met Teela twice but have not had the chance to read all of her book. She is writing one now focussing on clients of escorts which will also be interesting.

She told me that the occasionally quoted statistic that one in eight men in this country have paid for sex is a serious underestimate in her opinion. She also said that her research in this area had adversely affected her view of men. I wonder what affect actually being an escort has on it?

B xx
B, my view on men has changed, since I started escorting. I think I am more accomodating/understanding of men.
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