Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where is the logic?

I got an email from Mr Swot yesterday. He has been reading the blog and he thinks my sentences have more stray commas than you can point a big stick at. He suggested that I buy a copy of

Eats shoots leaves by Lynne Truss

I think Mr Swot was having a bit of a stickler moment, you know shock/disbelief and then ,I must tell Nia about her punctuation. I told him I had a copy of the book, and had bought it when it came out. I had not read it, as so much of my life involves reading for other stuff, and it has not been a priority. I told him I had an A level in English, and he asked to see my certificate, when we next meet!!!!! I was not aware that he was a member of the Punctuation protection society, but he clearly supports them.Mr Swot I have started reading it, so bear with me,please.

Yesterday I was listening to Choice FM, and could not believe my ears. A sixteen year old boy, had his father charged for assault for dragging him out of bed in the morning. I mentioned this to J, who is my favourite cab driver, when he came to see me. J has a great sense of humour, and is a straight talker, which is what I like about him. He told me that if that boy had been his son he would have ******* thrown his ass out! I have to agree with him. Do not get me wrong, I feel very strongly about child abuse, however I do not think this was the case. J told me that if he could not get up, his mother used to pour a bucket of water over him ! J is from Grenada. My mother was not so harsh. She gave me two chances, and then would put a wet flannel over my face, which would get me up in no time.

It would never have occurred to me, to call the police when she did this, and say that I had been assaulted. In fact where I come from, the police would have laughed, and probably suggested that I go to the local mental hospital. One thing that I do know, had I been able to take out an assault charge on my mother, is that I would definitely have no home to go back to.

Maybe someone out there can help me. You get charged for assault for dragging your child out of bed in the morning. You also get prosecuted if your kids lie in bed all day and do not go to school.

These are definitely changing times.

Where is the logic?

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