Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saying Thank you

I read a remark that someone made a while ago. He could not understand why some clients thanked escorts after seeing them. His view was that the client is paying, so he should not thank the escort,the escort should thank him.

I read this, and found it quite fascinating. It made me wonder what his views were on escorts in general. Of course I thank my clients, however some of them say thank you when they leave, and some go beyond that and send an email or text thanking me again.

I believe it is common courtesy to say thank you, when I am paying for something. I thank my doctor, dentist,lawyer, nail technician, reflexologist, masseuse, hairdresser etc. I am paying them ; however it does not prevent me from saying thank you.

Whenever I speak to Jo, she usually thanks me for listening. I do not feel that it is necessary, as I believe that listening is part of the friendship package, although I say the same to her. I met Jo early this year when she was in London, on Tour. We had made contact via email last year, but did not meet until this year. She is one of the few escorts I know, who I consider a friend/sister.Jo is one of the kindest escorts I have ever come across, and is always there for me. Thank you Jo. The day we met, one of the first things we did, within ten minutes of meeting was strip, and check out who had a bigger bum. For those of you who are wondering how I made the leap from introduction stage, to showing Jo my bum, it was not a leap. It was a gradual process, as the bum size issue, had been discussed on many occasions. Jo could not believe I had a bigger bum than her. I do, but could still fit into her clothes, as I have a small waist.

Do I show my bare bum to every escort that I meet?

No, but when I met Pru I did. We had discussed size on numerous occasions too.

Am I obsessing ?

No, I know my bum has a life of its own, and I have come to terms with it.

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"The day we met, one of the first things we did, within ten minutes of meeting was strip, and check out who had a bigger bum."

Was that in the middle of Selfridges?

B xx
I have met you and Pru (socially only) and Jo - but not all three of you at the same time.

I'm afraid I would not dare to give my opinion of who has the biggest bum - only to say they were all beautiful and delightfully erotic.

Perhaps I should arrange to meet all three of you together then I can give a definative decision to who has the biggest bum!

B xxxxxxxxxx
Beau, no it was not in the middle of Selfridges. It was at Jo's hotel!
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